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Monday Dec 10 in Summit Co.?

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Who is skiing tomorrow and where? Anyone driving up from Denver and want to share a ride? I cannot get an early start, but can leave by 7:30 or so.
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dp, check out jgiddyup's thread. Quite a few of them are getting together...
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Abasin at 8:45 dp! About 4 or 5 of us getting together. Hope you can make it.
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I'll plan on being there! In case I am late (I'm on call today and tonight) can we make a second meeting place and time, say about 9:30, since cell service is non-existent there? Anyone driving up from Denver?
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Post the drive up from Denver portion in my summit county thread as I think at least 1 is coming from there.

If you're late look for me(6'6") in red spyder jacket and red helmet. If we don't hook up prior, I'll meet you at exhibition at 10:00
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done- I'll see you tomorrow!
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