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New Hampshire backcountry?

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I skied NH since my dad was pulling me around at 3 years old until I moved to Montana in '05... 21 years. I grew up running gates and skiing groomers with a yearly trip to the west. That being said, Iv never skied any eastern backcountry. I didnt have an AT setup until I moved to Montana.

I fly home to NH on Thursday morning for about a month. Im debating on dragging my AT gear along... but Im not sure if its worth it. Whats available in NH in terms of BC? I know from my spring, summer, and fall experiences in NH there are many appealing destinations. However, Im not sure whats accessible, where the snow is, etc. Im also without a partner which is a safety concern. Any input? Thanks!
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I'm in a similar situation, skied NH all my life on groomers with some racing etc and just got an AT setup last spring. Where in NH are you staying? There isn't too much BC around Nashua, so I'm assuming you are near the white mts or don't mind driving there. I've only been out a few times with the AT but it has been worthwhile and I know of a few places I'm itching to try.

Most recently I skinned up Wildcat on Tuesday for some knee deep pow. Not really backcountry but the mountain was officially closed so it was AT or nothing.
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The good backcountry ski terrain in NH comprises:
-- unofficial glades, which are kinda secret
-- above-treeline Presidentials, which usually has wx and/or avy conditions that are unsafe this time of year
However, plenty of below-treeline cut trails will be worth bring out your skis, and they're well-documented here:
Sometimes former lift-served areas can be okay for skiing:
... but often they're too overgrown and/or exposed to the wind and sun.
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