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05-06 WC footage

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year month day
2005 Oct 23 Soelden GS highlights only
2005 Nov 26 Lake Louise DH
2005 Nov 27 Lake Louise SG
2005 Dec 29 Bormio DH
2006 Jan 7 Adelboden GS
2006 Jan 8 Adelboden SL
2006 Jan 8 - - Bode 60 Minutes
2006 Jan 15 Wengen SL
2006 Jan 20 Kitzbuehel SG highlights only
2006 Jan 21 Kitzbuehel DH
2006 Jan 22 Kitzbuehel SL
2006 Jan 24 Schladming SL
2006 Jan 28 Garmisch DH
2006 Jan 29 Garmisch SG Includes Olympic Team Announcements
2006 Feb 3 Chamonix COM
2006 Feb 11 Olympics DH NBC Final Training Run
2006 Feb 12 Olympics DH NBC
2006 Feb 14 Olympics COM NBC
2006 Feb 18 Olympics SG NBC
2006 Feb 20 Olympics GS NBC
2006 Feb 25 Olympics SL NBC
2006 Feb 25 Olympics - Bode Interview With Tom Brokaw
This is my collection of Men's World Cup races from 2005-2006. Most of it was the OLN series 10 weeks to Torino and the NBC olympics are included as well. I recorded everything I could with an analog cable card for my computer, chopped out commercials and worthless BS, and compressed the video to a somewhat manageable size. I didn't really know what I was doing at first, so some of the audio and video is a little weird in places but it is all better than youtube quality I'd say. All of these are .avi movies compressed with the Xvid codec and the whole collection is 11.5 GB.

If you want any or all of these, email me and I'll email you back the torrent file I created. If you don't know about bit torrent, you are out of luck for now. If there is enough interest, I'll consider doing the same for my 04-05 collection which isn't as complete as it could be, but there is some sick, sick footage of Bode destroying everything (except slaloms).
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Shameless bump. I have my 2004-2005 collection in torrent form and seeded now as well. Most of it is the OLN show "The Winter Revolution" which was painful to watch since there was about 20 minute of ski footage per two hour episode, but I saved you all the frustration by chopping out the garbage. Some NBC coverage of the World Championships in Bormio is included as well.
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