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Young racer.... now old noob!

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I know you guys get peppered with questions sounding like this.... I grew up racing in school, I must have skied every weekend possible at Butternut (2 miles from my home) and even skippped some school! This went on all through my high school years but upon graduation I moved to Florida for college and post grad. I never went back to skiing or snow. It has now been 22 years and I feel the need. I have a wife that has never skied and a 2 and 6 year old and have just booked 8 days in Snowmass for the second week of Feb. Deciding what ski school to send the 6 year old and my wife was easy (beginners magic), but for me I am not sure whether true begiiner classes will suit me. I am not making the assumption that I will just get out there and rip... I know that wont happen. But even equipment has changed so much that I am not sure if it will be like starting over or do the old skills come back quickly?? I was last skiing a set of 205 Hexcell split tail skis... straight sticks that I could really manhandle! I feel like I may be on 150's soon!! The person I am dealing with has set me up with high end rentals (demos) for the week so I guess I will have faith.

Here is the bigger question..... I am planning to take the family over to Peter Glenn in orlando to get ski clothes. What are the necessities and what stuff should I avoid?? I dont want to look like a tool out there!! I want my wife and kids to be comfortable, look good and be able to move. Since they are all Floridians I suspect that the cold weather may be somewhat of a shock. Warmth will be very important. Any ideas? If you were in my shoes what items would be must haves in your luggage???

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Brett, welcome to EpicSki!

First, check the EpicSki instructor list and call ahead and book a private with one of them for yourself. That will be your best deal and will get you up that learning curve quickly. Lucky for you, there are some really great EpicSki folks that ski out of Snowmass...

If you were just a couple of weeks earlier, you could join us for the EpicSki Academy (http://esa.epicski.com/).

If you're going to stick with skiing, set up a date with mosh (Eric Ward, one of the EpicSki Boot Guys) or Jim Lindsay (also here) to get some boots fit properly to you while you're in Aspen. Having your own boots, as you likely remember, makes all the difference. Today, though, how they are fit to your entire body (and not just your feet) makes a big difference.

As for clothing, the magic word is layering.

Base layer, insulation, shell. Adjusting the thickness of the base and insulation layers give you more or less warmth. Aspen at that time of year isn't likely to be frigid, but you'll want a variety of options.

Example: I ski Patagonia gear. I have a range of base layer from silkweight to heavy, then have 3 different insulation layer jackets, and one hard shell. If you're not going to ski in storms, you may prefer a soft shell (more breathable, a bit less waterproof when it's really coming down).

You may find information like that on Patagonia's web site useful.

I hope this is helpful!
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Dig out the old padded CB sweater, stretch pants and neon and wear it proudly!

Book at least a one hour private for yourself.

Be prepared to change skis .... if you are renting high end demos they should just do this gratis I would hope, because though you don't give height and weight or ski type ... you will probably want something a little longer after a day or two.
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Starting to Ski Again

BH1, Wecome to Epic. First to answer you questions, please read the posts here in the Beginner Zone, they will answer a lot of your questions regarding clothing etc. The posts will mention layering as SSH says, this is the best you can do for yourself and the family. Read these threads and they will answer a lot of your general questions and then if you have specifics you can post the questions or PM me and I will be all to happy to answer for you.

Be warm, have a great time, have fun, Welcome Back.
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Welcome to Epic and back to skiing. I understand your question about getting back to skiing after a break of 22 years. The bottom line is you can ski the modern equipment much in the same way as you skied in the race days. To get the most out of the technology in the modern equipment, a private lesson would be worth your time as ssh suggested. If you have the opportunity, take a few runs on a green trail first to help get your balance back. Don't try to ski the way you did in your college days, take it easy and just get a feel for the snow and how the skis are working for you. Your 2 year old is a little too young for most any children's programs, but many resorts offer child care for children under 4. That should be reserved in advance. Most start at 4, but will do a 1/2 hour private for younger children. Your 6 year old would do well in a children's program and sence their learning process is much different than an adult's, your wife should be in an adult beginner's class. Expect that your 6 year old and wife will need a series of lessons to be able to ski beginner/novice (green) runs. For them, it should be a fun activity that you can all participate in at their level.

AS for clothing, many children are so overdressed, they are uncomfortable. Layering such as ssh has suggested is good. Watch the local weather and dress accordinly. Kids have problems with mittens or gloves that are too big or small. A good fit is improtant to them wanting to keep the gloves on, same goes for hats (if not using a helmut).
Let your wife choose her outfit. The ability to add a layer if needed, or take one off is key. Stay away from cheap stuff.

Hope this is helpfull. Have fun!!
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Remember ..... good mittens are warmer than gloves. Cold days, they sell a light weight glove to go inside the mitten and having a few handwarmers in your pocket probably isn't a bad idea.

For what it's worth ..... for real cold days, I prefer the smaller toe warmers for inside the mittens or gloves since they are thinner and have a small spot of adhesive, you can attatch them to the upper hand side of the glove or mitten.

The ones with the "PSIA" logo/shield work well for about six hours ... be sure to shake them in the air to get the catalyst working.

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where is the instructor list. I am going to book at least 1 day if not 2 with a private for myself and maybe my wife after her introductory lessons.
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BH1, the instructor list is under the Training tab. You can also get there by clicking on the "Instructor" title of any of the EpicSki members with that in their title...
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