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Base Structure on Race Skis

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I have been told by a few of my buddies that base structure is very important for race skis in terms of the speed of the ski when gliding. I picked up a pair of Radical X RKI 184s from a buddy who skied on them 5 times last winter, and so I was wondering if I should get the skis machine ground (as they don’t currently have any structure). Does the structure benefit the penetration of the wax into the base, and the speed of the ski gliding?

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The density of the base is the primary factor in wax penetration.

Structure .... those tiny grooves or pattern ... breaks the suction effect of the water that forms from the compression between snow and ski.

The example you see constantly used is the pane of glass on a wet flat surface ....

Especially critical when the snow is saturated during spring conditions but even then on some flats or easy pitches .... I watched the group ahead of me try to get speed to make it across a flat .... two inches of powder over wet base and temps were rising fast toward the upper 50's .... they tried to get speed on the pitch but when they hit the flat each and every one of them flew out of their bindings .... we noted this and rode across on our edges; there are some days when you'd have to use a chain saw to get enough structure to get through junk like that. On that day, knowing the conditions, I used a fluro & graphite combo wax and brushed it well to open the structure as much as possible but you could feel the skis getting slower and slower as the temp climbed.
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So I guess it is ideal for racing to have the skis ground with a machine to get the structure ideal for the season?
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I'm suprised that high end Rossi race don't come with structure.

I'd post this again with the ski name and type to get the attention of someone who is familiar with Rossi race stuff.

Fischer & Stockli come with structure .... not coarse and you have to look a bit but it's there and I am reluctant to just send skis to just any shop for a grind .... especially newish high end skis.

Is it possible that your buddy had them ground at some point?

IMHO, they should have structure but I'd be darned careful who works on my bases ..... sends chills up my spine .... it can get scary out there!
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Some brands ship out their race skis without stone grinding and edge beveling. SJ told me that Rossi and Dynastar did this. It's actually pretty common. This allows the racer to have his/her choice of stone grind pattern and edge bevels. I remember Elan race stock skis were shipped out with caution sign yellow "do not ski without tuning" stickers on them.

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Originally Posted by Peaks94 View Post
So I guess it is ideal for racing to have the skis ground with a machine to get the structure ideal for the season?
Hi Peak,
It's a great idea to get your bases structured. Find a shop that knows what it's doing though. If you have a race specialty shop, hit it up. I found these shops have the most experience with fast patterns for the kind of conditions that you will be facing.

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