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FreeFlex 17 ('04) vs. Atomic 10:18 ('07)?

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Does anyone have any opinion of how these two bindings stack up? Specifically, durability issues. I joke that really mean people are reincarnated as my ski gear because I break so much stuff, so I'd like the burlier of the two.

6' 2"
level 8 or 9

The skis to mount:
Nordica Dobermann GSR
These will stay on the course and on groomers

Bindings I've really liked:
Rossi 185 (solid metal anchers, akin to Metalica's early-days with all their heavy metal)

Bindings I've really hated:
Marker/Nordica system (plastic pieces of wobbly junk, more like Skid Row, Poison or Dokken)

Thanks for your help and sorry to all you Dokken fans out there!
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The Atomic offers personal positioning which allows the binding to be moved forward or back on a track. The Atomic 10-18 is heavy, if that's important.

The Tyrolia FF 17 is a very popular binding with a wide DIN range and a good reputation as a race binding.

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The Atomic 10.18 is a very, very good race binding. The FF+17 is a very good binding, but it is a consumer binding, the FF+18x is more comparable. I prefer the Tyrolia race binding to the Atomic race binding, and the Atomic race binding over the Tyrolia consumer binding. Hope that makes sense.
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Thanks for the replies, guys. I could also go for the FF20, but I don't really like a DIN that starts at 10 (I'll only be pushing it to 12 or 13 MAX). However, I'd consider the 20 if it were a truely superior binding over the FF17.

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I bought some used Tyro FF 17s from a fellow bear. I have been very pleased with them so far mounted on some 165 Fischer RC4 SLs.

Snappy skis pushed hard. Firm groomed conditions. No pre-release or wobble issues.

I keep them up around 10. I weigh about 170.
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The major difference between the FF+17 and the race room bindings is the gliding AFD on the 17, the (x) designation bindings have a flat, solid AFD that transfers energy better. Will you notice? Probably not.
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I have the FF+17 and the FF+18, other than the slight DIN difference the only other thing different is their ABS (Anti-Blocking System) system. On the FF+17 as with all their higher end consumer bindings, its sort of like a conveyor belt that rotates, allowing your boot to slide out of the binding easily in the event of a crash. The FF+18 and FF+20, use a strip of teflon in lieu of this belt. Other than that the bindings are the same, so if you dont need a 20 DIN binding any of those FF should be fine. I only use them upto 12 but I got a good deal on the bindings so I took what I have, but I could have done just as well with a FF+14.
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