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Falcon 10 liners

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Hi guys - Longtime Sollie user, moving from my trashed XW10's to 06-07 Falcon 10's, have skied them a few times, trying to see what the boot gets to before I have work done on them. Not quite right yet. So before hitting shop: Can I heat liners? (Assume yes, but store not helpful, Salomon NA has no email anymore, and searches at Epic/general web yielded zip beyond company boilerplate). Boot came with tag saying: "MyCustomFit/Heat 10min only/on new second skin shell models." Little pamphlet in 17 languages is equally useless.

So if I can, what temp and medium (hairdryer, microwave, oven, my fireplace, industrial steel furnance)?

Many thanks.

P.S. Assuming I will still need help from a shop on shell for these and definitely for a new pair of Sollie plugs, can you recommend specialists in the area from Boston north to central NH (Waterville Valley/Cannon/Loon area)?
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the liner should be heated on a boot heater [probably should be the salomon one....but most are similar in output] so i ceretainly wouldn't be putting them near the microwave or the fireplace

for the sake of your sanity and the liners just take em to the nearest shop
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Thanks for the advice CEM, will do.
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