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K2 Apache Maverick - good/bad ski?

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Anyone have any experience with the Apache Maverick - good/bad ski? I am thinking this could be a good ski for my 13 yr old son, looking for an all mountain ski for him. Found a pair on ebay hoping to snatch them up if I get a good response here.
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Is he a telemark skier?
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No, Why? Is this a telemark specific ski?
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That's what it says on ebay "all mountain telemark ski".
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Well, if it says it on eBay, it must be true.

According to page 2 of this PDF on K2's website, the Maverick was a 2006-07 special markup version of the Recon, in fiberglass with a "Micro MOD" (I think that's K2's vibration control device?). Dimensions were 119/78/105.

If you're not familiar with the Recon, it's been very highly regarded through its life. Everyone I know who skis it loves it. The female equivalent, FWIW, is the Lotta Luv, which earns similar acclaim. I have not skied it, but knowing something about K2s and the skiers who like this ski, I assume that it's very capable yet forgiving, suitable to a wide range of conditions, probably with a slight Western bias.

Now, whether they make sense for your kid is another story. Right now, the only data point we have is his age. What's his height and weight? What type of terrain does he like to ski? What does he aspire to ski? Where do you ski? And anything else you can tell us about him might help.

It's funny that the other poster mentioned telemark. Telemark skis might actually be better suited to your average 13 year old boy an adult "unisex" alpine model. In general, ski companies make both telemark and alpine versions of a given ski, because the telemark market isn't large enough for a large company to recoup its expenses with a telemark-only ski. In such circumstances, the telemark version is typically lighter and softer than the adult unisex -- basically, the women's version of the ski, without the girlie topsheet graphics. They're also frequently cheaper (I suppose because freeheelers are more likely to be unemployed dirtbags? ). IIRC, the tele version of the Recon/Lotta is the World Piste.
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Thanks for the great info. He is 5' 2" 95 lbs and a very aggressive skier (level 7-8). we spend 14 days out west (mostly off piste) and another 14-20 days on the east coast.
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I presume that the pair you found on eBay are the 146s? That's probably about the right length for him in a K2; my 4'11"/83lb daughter currently skis 136 Apache Jrs, but I've got a pair of 146s waiting for her, and she's not quite ready to move to them. Bear in mind that K2s measure long -- tip to tail held against a flat surface, rather than a tape following the curves of the ski.

My concern would be the stiffness. At 95 pounds, he may not have the meat to flex an adult ski unless he really gets up to speed. I'll defer to others here, though.

I'm not sure what the reserve is on the auction you're looking at. Another option in the reasonably-priced range might be the 2005 or 2006 146 K2 Apache Jr. 2005 and 2006 models have a black topsheet; a pair is on eBay right now. Avoid the red topsheet models (I think they start with 2007) which are the successor to the Omni Jr; they are a beginner to intermediate ski and will not serve your son well. The black-sheet models have a fairly narrow waist by adult standards (mid to high 60s; I forget off the top of my head), but at 95 pounds, your son should have more than adequate float off-piste, and excellent carving on. (You can find my exegesis on the subject by searching TGR for "approximate float index.")

If you're looking for something a little wider, 148 Rossignol Bandit Jrs are an excellent all-mountain choice. I believe that the waist on those is in the 70s.
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Actually, that was his last ski the Rossi bandit jr and he over powered the ski last year on a 138 cm...Not torsionally stiff enough for him. I will look at the apache jr ski, but if it is anywhere as soft as the jr bandit, then I don't think it would work for him. I really appreciate your detailed input!
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What about the scratch pro jr FS in a 148cm? Is this a good ski?
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Hmm. I haven't flexed the Rossi vs. the K2, despite having the Rossi in 118 and 128, and the K2 in 136, 146, and 153. I'm happy to do so, but the skis are all a couple hundred miles away from me until the weekend.

I believe that the Scratch Jr FS is supposed to be quite good, but as a park-oriented ski, I can't imagine it's more torsionally rigid than the Bandit. The BC is another question -- I know a 13 year old who loves his to death.

Other options further up the price scale include the Volkl Mantra Jr and K2 Hellbent, but I believe that both are new this year and therefore unlikely to be discounted.
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Went with a Rossi scratch jr Pro in a 148. Shop I bought it from said torsional stiffness was more than the FS and and much more than the Jr bandit. My son is very excited...going to try to get a few turns in next week.
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That's the 90mm waist, right?
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80mm, the Brigade is 90mm underfoot.
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In that case, a fine choice. Kids have it so easy -- they can ski relatively narrow skis that allow them to move from edge to edge quickly, and still have float that we'd kill for.
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Sooooooo true!!
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