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Bob, where is the picture?

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I'm checkin in from Club Med, hoping you would have the picture of the bunch up already.

We thsnk you and Susan for the wonderfull evening and being able to put fases to many of the bears. I think that we will be either meeting more bears at Jacks on Friday morning or after skiing.

I went skiing this afternoon, having recovered somewhat from the collision with the snowboarders, still have a stiff neck though.

Again, thanks... ........Ott
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I have to say that my winter has been made more complete by having the pleasure of skiing with Ott. He doesn't understand that he is larger than life. He is a true gentleman and a wonderful skier. Yesterday he did a mambo/wedel clinic for Bob B and I.

All I can say is the man's skiing epitomizes grace and style.

Bob captured some on film.
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Hi Ott--I posted a picture of you, Rusty, and myself in the Instruction forum just after your post there--I probably logged in just as you logged off.

It was GREAT skiing with you, and meeting you in person, at long last. THANK YOU for joining us for a few runs! As Rusty says, you have been larger than life for me, and meeting you "for real" did nothing to change that! I wish you many more great seasons of great turns, and will always treasure the opportunity I have had to meet you.

Here's the three of us again, from yesterday:

Ott is in the middle. I'm on the left, and Rusty is in the bright orange jacket on the right. Those little white things, for those who have forgotten what they look like, are snowflakes! And it's still snowing this morning in Summit County....

I'll get some photos of that perfect Wedel up when I get a chance!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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