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Happy Australia Day!

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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oy, Oy, Oy !!

Happy Australia Day everyone !!!

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Cheers, big-ears! Up Oz...down poms!
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Ach! I think I vill scull a VB und have a vegemite sandvich.

Show us ya t!t$, Luv!

(Isn't zat ze Aussie mating call?)
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Advance Australia: Fair-dinkum

Happy Australia Day to all the ex-cons, wherever you are

From someone who is still waiting (and wanting) to be deported to Van Diemen's Land

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Am in Whistler at present and the streets are full of Aussies in stubbies (shorts) and football socks playing cricket in the snow! Big party today enhanced by good snowfalls overnight and powder yesterday and today etc etc.
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mmmm VB warms my soul...esp after a day skiing with da bears.

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Hey Jane thats my can!

Happy Oz day to you all. May the VB flow free and cold across the nation and remember the game lasts longer when you use the RED cricket ball.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Kiwi victory with the white ball again!!

what is that now?? Four in a row against oz?
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Bugger !

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Man from OZ - I always thought it was buggah!
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Some good parties at pubs in Summit County last night...I didn't see any VB though, just y Fosters.
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The Foster's available in the U.S. is brewed in Toronto, Canada. It doesn't come from Australia. How would you say that Foster's here compares to the real stuff? Is it about the same or very different?

Also I saw an article this morning on the Drudge Report

that said that Miller owns the Foster's brand. That was a disapointment.

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All the Aussie's i work with says Fosters sucks. They compare it to Bud.
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I watched NZ trash the aussies early Sat morning my time. Best Australia day ever!
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I'm with Frances!
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The faint but mournful cry of an English cricket fan was to be heard in the distance.

Be patient, the boys have finally finished the last Christmas stubbie and are starting to focus.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It must be sooo boring being an Australian sports fan. Where's the fun if you win all the time?
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Their Football team STINKS and thats all that matters...
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