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skis for 5-11 1/2 160 lb advanced intermediate

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Our family usually skis a week a year. We are skiing Park City March 2008 for 4 days and I am wondering if I should stick with my pointy and somewhat narrow 170cm 2004 K2 escape 5500's or get another pair. I have seen some good prices for Fischer RX8's for example. I am a healthy 53 yrs old 5-11 1/2, 160 lb, ski at a level 6 to 7; and began getting more comfortable with the blue mogul runs this year at Big Sky and Vail. Since I am likely to ski one week a year needless to say I don't want to waste money unnecessarily. Thank you for thoughts.
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If you're skiing one week a year, I'd suggest getting boots that fit and are balanced to your body, and then just demo when you head out skiing. It's really not cost effective, and when you demo, you can pick the cream of the crop for the conditions you have available. Get fatties on powder days, carvers for cruising...
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Exactly what ssh said, + you don't have to lug a ski bag around.

OTOH, if you're committed to a new pair of skis, would recommend going for 21st century, some midfats that can handle either new or old school technique, are forgiving in softer conditions. Think Rossi B2's, Dynastar 8000's, K2 Recons. Good luck.
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I can see sticking with the K2s. They are a nice transition ski... It might be fun to try some extreme sidecut skis, too, just to get the feel of something different. Yet another reason to demo and see for yourself.
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Thanks. I like the suggestions. $190 for 4 days of demo skis is certainly less than buying a pair, and now I have a few names to look for in skis.
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$190 for 4 days even seems a bit pricey. I demo skis pretty frequently and they are usually around $30 a day. There was a place in Whistler that was demoing Stockli for $50 CAD, and that was the priciest I had seen.
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Originally Posted by onyxjl View Post
$190 for 4 days even seems a bit pricey
That was the price I was quoted from the Park City ski rentals
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Originally Posted by beyond View Post
would recommend going for 21st century
are B2 or Dynastar 8000's a more advanced or flexible ski than the Fischer RX8?
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I'm 57, 6 ft, 175 lb, about a level 6 upper intermediate skier. I ski mostly blue runs, with a few easy blacks when the snow is fresh. I had used to have the K2 5500, but I traded 'em in for twin tips several years ago. My advice: lose the K2's and get yourself something with a bit of attitude. Twin tips just have more fun built into them, and skiing is all about fun, right? (apologies to all the carving purists out there). I recently picked up the 2005/06 Rossignol Scratch Sprayer FS for $169.00 on a clear-out sale at Sport Chek. Took 'em out last weekend and man, can they carve up the white stuff! This ski was marketed as a novice terrain park ski, and didn't get much attention from the park 'n pipe set, but it sure works for me. It has a lively wood core and should work well as a light-duty all-mountain ski. Fast, forgiving, and fun.
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Originally Posted by carolinaskiier View Post
are B2 or Dynastar 8000's a more advanced or flexible ski than the Fischer RX8?
The 8000's are considered a midfat, as are the Recons.
I use to own the Axis Xp's (older version of the Recon). My initial reason for going with the midfats were so I could enjoy the whole mtn, bringing just one ski.
Like you, I only get out 1 to 2weeks a year.
I've recently changed over to the RX8's, & sold my XP's, as I've found that my chances of hitting the big dumps during a 1 or two week vac. are kinda slim.
Now, I'll ski the RX8's, & if a powder day hits, I can elect to demo at any time.
The advantage is, if it really dumps, you can decide to go even wider.
BTW, I did buy boots first.

Oh, & if renting, try these guys: http://www.utahskigolf.com/
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so are the RX8 more for groomed trails as opposed to moguls and ungroomed runs?
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Originally Posted by carolinaskiier View Post
so are the RX8 more for groomed trails as opposed to moguls and ungroomed runs?
Pretty much.
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I have Rossignol Salta STS boots, which fit me well, as far as I can tell. I don't care to go too fast, or work really hard, but will get me down black runs or moguls safely and comfortably (?) with my teenager. Something with a little give wouldn't bother me. I used my son's 160cm RX8 last year, they were OK, but a little stiff. Got them used on ebay for 279.
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First, I'd suggest investing in a consultation with a qualified bootfitter. There is a reasonable chance that your Salto's really don't fit but you are unaware of the fact.

About skis.......You have an intermediate level groomer type ski. The RX-8 is by far a better ski but it is in the same general terrain category. It will be dramatically better on hard packed snow and groomed conditions assuming that your skill level is high enough to take advantage of it. OTH, it will not help you in any significant way in softer western snow. If you have the itch to replace your skis with a better version of what you have, the RX-8 is a good choice that will be moderately challenging. If you want a ski that will serve you somewhat better as a Western ski, then you should be looking at a somewhat wider ski such as a Rossi B78 or similar.

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thanks again for all of your comments. I will continue questions about boots in the boot guys forum, will plan to demo in PC this spring at utah ski golf. Their prices are better than the ski resorts.
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would anyone care to comment on the scott mission or fischer amc 76 in relation legend/apache/b2?
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Can comment on a few of those; owned RX8's and AMC 76's, have skied B2's, Legend 8000's (if that's the one you mean), have a good friend who skis the Mission, another the Apache.

Given where you ski, I'd recommend the Mission, then the B2 and the Legend 8000 in that order. 76's are great on ice and in light pow, but not my choice for crud, chop, or float, and a bit much for a one week a year skier. RX8's are a bad one-ski choice for where you ski, period. B2's are easy easy easy, but that's their chief problem; too forgiving. If you are willing to drive them, they'll do anything you want.

Legend 8000's are a truly great all around ski, but opposite problem. I have a buddy who is also a high intermediate, also skis about a week a year, owns the 8000 in 172, doesn't much like it. Because he can't bend it correctly or do much beyond scarving, so he finds it an unstable handful. I like it a lot, but to me it's a soft short GS ski that needs decent speed and an edge angle to wake up and perform. So it'll ask something of you. Is that what you want? My friend owns an Apache, says it's smooth, versatile, and boring. Like the RX8, not for where you ski; too narrow.

OTOH, my other friend (and everyone else) raves about the Mission, especially as a forgiving, versatile soft snow ski, front or backside. Apparently not for ice. But of course, the Rockies or Wasatch never get icy. So that'd be my first pick out of your list.

You've been on this quest for a while. Why don't you just take a deep breath and buy one of the above?
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though I am prepared to demo come ski time, how does $300 for new 07 166 cm B2's sound? that leaves money left over for bindings.
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That doesn't sound bad. Check out evogear.com's outlet. They have them for $299 with free shipping.
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I find the above comments interesting and helpful. I found used B2 w/ bindings 170 cm for 199 on ebay. but the seller recommended the B1 for carving since I will probably find myself on piste than off. But that ski seems more for the intermediate. Every seller I talk to recommends a different length or model it seems. Just one more reason to demo in March. Thanks again for all of the advice and patience.
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b2 are better

I live in whistler, and have a 06 set of b2's. they are a great ski for your skiing level and number of days you do. fat enough to be fun, yet still easy to edge to edge. soft enough to be forgiving to little mistakes (and helps in the moguls too ) yet stiff enough to handle a bit of speed when needed. don't get the b1's, in my opinion they are too narrow, you might as well buy something more suited to carving groomers, which is all the b1 is good for, but tries to be more.
also i think the 170cm is a little short, i am 6ft 180lb and have the 176cm , which are long enough, but only just. 170s wouldnt be all that stable when travelling with a bit of speed
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