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The problem feet?? HELP!

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allright. I have what I call problem ski feet.

my feet constantly sweat for no reason.
i have horrible circulation.
i have super high arches (from severe case of earlier Sever's disease)
my feet no matter what I seem to try to do, are always frozen in my ski boots by the end of the day.

What I have tried...
1) went to a quality boot fitter like surefoot and getting their best boot for high arches that unaltered didnt fit my foot.
2) Because of that i then had them blow out the roof of the shoe to allow blood to circulate but they couldnt blow it out to the perfect fit because they said it would severely compromise the insulation and water resistance of the boot
3) switched to a thin sock to allow for more circulation to my feet
4) got a battery pack and heated sole liner that does help but in the coldest of times in all day powder my feet still freeze

is there anything else i should consider doing to make my skiing enjoyable.

i also tried those wet suite material front slip on and velcro boot covers 2 seasons but i didnt really notice a difference and began to think they did more harm than good bc ice freezes to them easier than my boot. any thoughts?

all ideas are welcome.
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How warm are your boots at the start of the day?

I am not sure that I would consider SureFoot in the same way that you do. If you're out here any time soon, I'd check in with one of the true specialists that is listed in our list here.
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i mean yeah i am sure they arent top of the line. they did take like a computer image of my foot and told me this was the best boot for me and then altered the boot to try to make it work and made a custom liner to my foot but i am sure there is more that they could do. where is this list of specialists that i could find?
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The Who's Who is at the top of this forum. It's not a matter of "top of the line" but rather the kind of expertise that the individual specialists have. SureFoot seem to be more "fitters" than specialists IME.

You may have missed my question: How warm are your boots when you start out? How do you handle them prior to putting them on?
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oh yeah, at the start of the day, without the heaters on, my feet will be cold before i get to the top of the second lift and usually turning that cammo blotched white by around 1. if i have the heaters i can usually fight that off.
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before they are on my feat they are always dry and warm.
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I'm asking since I have found that using a heated boot bag (or another method of warming them before putting them on) helps a bunch. I do that first, make sure the shells are warm, and then use the boot gloves to hold that in. I understand that this may not be enough for your needs. The challenge of weak circulation and high arches are going to make this a tough go. That's why I asked about the fitter. You really need a specialist, I think, and I'm not sure that SureFoot is going to have that skill level.
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Since they were not able to increase the instep area do you still feel that you have to much pressure on your instep? (top of your feet).

If so you might want to give Strolz ski boots a try. I have wood lasts that I am able to increase the volume of the instep and the intire boot larger than any other boot on the market.

I am the Pacific Northwest dealer (donsvela@gmail.com) but here is a link to the main east coast dealer and distributor.

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