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Good Karma at Keystone

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Lot's of new snow today and tons of terrain open now. Two interesting back to back events, must be living right.

1. Waiting in line at the Outpost gondola with about 50 other people. A teen goes around the line and barges into the front. About a minute later his three friends try to pull the "we're just meeting up with our group" and head to the front as well. The crowd knows what's going on and starts to verbally harass them. This goes on for about a minute and it's clear they're not moving when pro patrol shows up on a sled and confronts them demanding they go to the back of the line. Kudos patrol!

2. So we get on the gondola and if you're not skiing something 70ish in the tail your skis don't fit in the old rack. My wife's skis are RX9s and I thought they might fit so when she gets in the car without them I don't think twice. About the third tower I hear a noise and see that she's placed her skis in the snowboard section of the rack and they've slid into an almost horizontal position. I'm on the other side of the car so I can't see what's still holding them on. Every tower we pass we hold out breath until we get over Prospector. I figure if they fall off now I can at least retrieve them. That's when the next worry comes in. Prospector is pretty crowded and the gondola goes right over a lot of skiers. I'm hoping we don't kill someone. Well, out luck holds out and they stay on until the end. Whew!

Winter has certainly arrived in the Colorado high country.

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Wow!! That must have been nail biting, I've had that same worry but I never had my skis go horizontal.
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Even worse, I've gone through several pairs of skis with my wife trying to find something she likes and I had her try these RX9s that were sort of short for me. She loves them and I'm thinking where am I going to find another pair, they're not made anymore.
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Live and learn, I guess, but you must be living right!

What great skiing you've had! Keep it up!

Oh, and...

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