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Arapahoe Basin: Montezuma Bowl

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I'm getting pretty jacked to get to Abasin over Xmas especially with the new Montezuma Bowl. I think it will add a whole new dimension to an already great mountain. What are you guys thoughts on this significant expansion? Most of it faces to the south correct? The trail map makes it look like I will spend some significant time over there as there appears to be some great terrain.

What are your thoughts?
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Admittedly I've only been to Abasin once and the conditions were great considering it was Mothers day Weekend.

I will be going out there again this winter and am excited to experience all that Abasin has to offer, including the Montezuma Bowl!
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Yep, it's pretty much south. The terrain should be great as long as it can hold snow. Trail map is here:
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Since it faces the south. I hope I get to ski it. I can usually make it out west in December or late March. My guess is that it won't be open n December. I hope it is still open in Late March.

The Basin has added several improvements in the past few years. New rental building, mid-mountain and top of mountain restaurants, and now Montezuma's bowl. To me it still has that "old feeling" - maybe it's the people hanging out on the beach - or the people with you on the lift.
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The storms have been out of the south - so I'm sure it's been wind impacted in a bad way. Taking the full bore of a stiff breeze.

Also, 26" base is not looking promising....lessthan 40% open too.

Midway Snow Depth: 26 inches Conditions: Packed Powder Current Weather Temperature at 5:00am: 17 F Forecast: Snow Trails Percentage Of Terrain Open 39%
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I agree with ChrisC. Odds of that 40% increasing much by Christmas are not good. The Continental Divide areas have received the least snow from the December storms. In general in CO, the farther west you go, the more snow there has been.
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Remember the new area added something like 80% to the Basins total area. That means if the entire old area is open but not the back they would report 55% open by my math.
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On TGR folks were saying that based on what they have now, they'd need several feet of snow to open Montezuma. Not very likely that it will open anytime soon.
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So, then the Mont. Bowl is mostly a marketing ploy?? If you can't open it with a 40" base, why have it?
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Reminds of when they added Vasquez Cirque at Winter Park. I bought a pass primarily to ski that area and that year I heard that it was open just a few days. Since then I hear from WP regulars that even in good years it isn't open that much. Hopefully, Montezuma isn't the same...especially since they invested $$$ in the lift.
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on the other A-Basin thread, I noted that a ski instructor said that the main storm last week had scoured the bowl, with the result that they need 2 feet of snow to open it.

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Update - We skied A Basin today and they were running the new lift into Montezuma...However the bowl wasn't open and no one was riding the lift. Talked with the liftie at the top tower and he is saying that patrol wants another 2-feet before they open it. From the top tower you have a pretty good view of the terrain and trust me it was very rocky. It looks like they could open the groomer right down the center of the bowl now and nothing else. Some of the terrain looks like it will never get coverage, specifically, the steeps to skiers right (the best terrain there in my view) start out with a nice cornice, run for a few hundred feet and end up in a giant boulder field. Looks like you'll get a few nice turns and then have to traverse out to the groomer.

The rest of the runs we took off Pali were pretty rocky. After about a 6 runs we called it a day and hit the backcountry.
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