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Recommendations for Intermediate Skier!

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This season will be my third skiing adventure and I am looking for a new pair of skis. I bought a beat-up pair of rental skis (ancient 150CM Salomon Scrambler 400) years back and have decided it's time to move up.

I am located on the East Coast, but started to travel out west to Utah last year. There, I used these ancient skis for all types of runs (moguls, black diamond, double black, etc.). The only thing I did not feel comfortable on was Jupiter, so I never made it to Powder. I do not consider myself an advanced skier, but with some peer pressure I have always managed to get through difficult runs (without falls and injuries).

I am 5'8" and weight about 150-155 lbs. Willing to spend approx $200-$350 and would like a ski to help improve my skiing experience. The ancient skis I use are beat-up, waxed ages ago, etc.

I appreciate all recommendations!
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Bump, somebody please help. Will provide more information if needed!
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JohnnyFeet, I'm sure you've seen the threads here recommending boots first. Do you have boots that have been fit and balanced by a specialist?

How many days a year do you ski? Are you getting any coaching? What terrain/conditions/speed/turn shape do you prefer? Have you demoed any other skis?
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Boots, boots & boots.

Since you are inclined toward east & west .... I'd be looking for deals on an eastern ice SL type ski .... and .... something for your powder quest ... like older Stormriders ... which can also be used in the east.

Used is good & more is better.
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I'm located down south, so there aren't that many professional ski shops around. I am located on the East Coast, but will be flying out West for about a week/year.

I enjoy skiing moguls and more difficult runs (black diamonds, double black diamonds). Occasionally I might ski through the woods with more experienced friends.

Have not been coached by anybody other than friends. Have not demoed any skis either... Basically playing it by ear.

I thought buying a nice pair of skis before flying out on the 19th would be ideal. What is the price associated with demo-ing (skis & boots)? Also, is there ski and boot that you guys might recommend without demoing?

Thank you for your help.
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Where are you headed this year? Depending on the answer to that, we can likely recommend a boot specialist.

Demo skis tend to be $30-$50/day, with multi-day packages available. Again, though, getting your own boots is going to be a key.
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Last year I was at Park City and Deer Valley. This year I'll be staying at Solitude, but traveling to Park City, Deer Valley, and other nearby resorts.

Based off my skiing experience, is there anything you would recommend now?

I really think buying a different pair of skis will significantly help me. The skis I use now are extremely old. Also, I am skiing for fun once a year and do not need something expensive. $200-$350 for skis would be great. Something you think will help me master runs like McConkey's @ Park City and such steep, mogul-type runs...
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Run over to Snowbird and visit Steve Bagley inside SportStalker and get yourself some boots.

Then, demo some skis. Try a bunch of different ones so see what you like.

There are many options for you, including the RX4s now for auction on the EpicSki auction site.
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What length ski would you recommend? 150-155 lbs, 5'8", intermediate skier.
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Depends on the ski.

There are really no generic answers to your question, unfortunately. Anywhere from 160 to 180 depending on the skis, terrain, conditions, and your preference. Again, this is why getting out there any trying them is best.
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