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Park City Report

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Made the first turns of fall over the Thanksgiving holiday in PC.

Headed out after family dinner Thurs. nite, Jet Blue out of JFK 9:25 PM. SLC 12:40 AM, Holiday Inn Airport and asleep by 1:30.

Up @ 7 am, wife not pleased, but loves me so goes along with my madness. Arrive at The Canyons 8:45 am, hand over boarding passes and receive our free lift tix (thank you PC Quick Start! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] ). On the Gondola by 9:10.

Ditch the wife for a few fresh tracks off 9990, promptly get my ass handed to me and limp back to the groomers. Boy, powder skiing is tough after months of inactivity. Had fun with Mrs. X getting her legs back after the long spring and summer.

Coverage was great, and snow quality was very good. Light was real flat though, and would stay that way til Tuesday. Canyons trail structure was a bit weird, and my wife had to download on the gondola at the end of the day. I elected to ski, and wish that I hadn't. Ended up doing a lot of skating and poling to get back. No biggie.

Then, not satisfied with free lift tix, we do a timeshare speech, and get $100 for dinner slopeside at the Westgate Grill. Veeerrrryy nice. Seared Ahi appetizer was out of this world, and the Kobe beef was cooked to perfection. Ka-ching!

Next day, Mrs. X elected to stay in and do gym and hot tub at the Marriott Mountainside while I got up for first tracks at PCMR. Not much competition even though it was a Saturday.
Hit it hard from about 9 to 1, getting back into the Jupiter chair area, and yet again getting my ass handed to me. This time in the trees. Limped back to the room for lunch and called it a day.

Next day dawned kind of warm, and I worried how the snow would hold up. Quite nicely as it turned out. Had to laugh to myself at some of the "it's so icy!" comments first thing in the am. C'mon out to NY folks! Put Mrs. X in a 3 hr. lesson, and went off to explore. Ended up in the terrain park (Jonesy's) most of the morning, hitting the four 10-12 foot tabletop jumps in a row. Didn't go for the bigger one on the left, but got quite a kick out of the sweet tricks being launched there. Saw a particularly huge switch 900 landed by a skier. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Hooked up with a pair of boarders at the little park off Payday, and decided to slide some "fun boxes". Pretty cool! I took them all straight on though, I couldn't quite get the sideways slide thing going. And forget the mailbox, got you know what handed to me twice more on that deal, and smashed my cell phone to boot : But I walked away in one piece. Not in a one-piece :

Monday was also forecast warm, and I decided to see how things were faring down in BCC, so off to Brighton. Talk about a ghost town! It was great, there were no more than 2 or 300 people on the whole mountain. Though I gotta say, despite having more of a base than PC, I saw/hit more rocks here in 2 hours than in 3 days in the PC area. Off piste was rough, real crusty and rocky off Great Western, so I stuck mostly to the blue and black groomers. Rode the Snake Creek chair quite a bit with my wife, trying to help her get a little better handle on her carving and comfort at speed. Got in a lot of vert that day due to a complete lack of lines of any sort.

Capped the night off with another free dinner, courtesy of Marriott timeshare deal. This one at Grappa on Main St. in PC. Wow, another homerun! Seafood crepes and mushroom soup were the highlights, and my swordfish was outstanding. Mrs. X didn't come up for air long enough to comment, so I've got to assume she agreed.

Tuesday was the first sunny day, and looking at the completely empty lify line from the window was torture. But I promised Mrs. X a sightseeing day, and TBQH, I was pretty whipped after 4 days of skiing. So we drove down to Heber City, had some lunch, then down through the canyon toward Provo where we stopped off at Sundance to take a look-see. Headed into SLC and toured Temple Square and some other Mormon stuff.

And this concluded our Utah ski tour. We headed out @ 11:40 pm on a redeye (not reccommended for the future!) and back to our normal lives in hel... NYC. :
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Nice going Dog! One month away and I'll be crusin' in the same neck of the woods! Can't wait! Thanks for the feedback!
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Glad you had a good time xdog. I was skiing Thanksgiving day at PCMR and it was some of the best early season skiing I have ever done. Had to work Fri,and Sat so didn't hit it untill Sunday. It was warm, but conditions were still good. Next time you and Mrs Xdog make it out this way give me a ring. Another strom is due in this weekend I'm keeping my Fingers crossed Deer Valley Opens and lift passes are only $25.00
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great report, Xdog. felt good just reading about various runs and lifts at PCMR. 6 more weeks before I hit SLC.

I share your sentiments about Brighton. I was quite disappointed last year. we went early march after 2 powder days at Snowbasin and snowbird. yes, there was hardly anybody on the slopes and so one could get a lot of runs in - but the snow was very crusty, icy.
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Yeah, to it's credit, we are talking about Thanksgiving wknd., so some leeway is to be given. The mountain seemed really cool though, I'm glad I made the trip. Gotta ski Solitude, then I'll have done all the major BCC/LCC hills.

It was a great trip all in all.
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