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Working with Terry

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This is just an unabashed recommendation of Terry/Alpinord at Maplus/Slidewright.

I called him about a month ago and he spent over an hour on the phone with me going over every aspect of my tuning situation. We discussed edges, base work, vise set up, etc, etc in detail. I placed the order for what I felt was a very solid kit including roto-brushes and edge tuning equipment. The box was arrived in about two days.

Simply put, it's great having the right tools for the job. The vises work great and I'm in love with roto-brushes. : I did the skis for a family I'm friends with and was amazed at the efficiency of the new set up.

He spent the time with me, gave me very solid advise and information, then delivered at a very fair price. I couldn't recommend him more.

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Ditto on Terry. Placed on-line order, the goods were shipped next day, got them 2 days later.


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I'll put my $0.02 in, as well... Simply put, Terry cares.

Thanks, my friend!
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Wow, after a series of 'stuff' happenings and 5 hours of power and phone outages yesterday, these 'fictitious' words are nice to read :.....along with the big white stuff continually falling.....the game is definitely on now.:

The best part of all of this is making new friends, learning new tricks and passing on how easy, fun and beneficial, taking care of your gear can be.

See on the slopes! : Thanks!
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