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New Setup - possibly flow? help :)

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Hey guys,

Just picked up a K2 Podium 162, it's white and sexy.

This is my first setup since i first started and had **** board and **** bindings. But i'm still pretty new! and didn't go out atall last year!

I'm trying to figure out what bindings to pair with my Podium, i was GOING to get K2 Cinch's but i CANT find them in Large anywhere in town. So i'm over that

and deciding between Burton - Missions, and Flow M9's! If i do local riding quick in/out is INSANELY useful. so Flow is attractive but i've never ridden them so am scared of their responsiveness and control.
sub question being - Flow M9's in white or black on the white podium?

(podium 162 is all white with a red base underneith. ALSO i wear Black DC boots 10.5)
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Are you a freestyle rider? That is what the M9 is made primarily for. Some people love Flows some hate 'em. If find no performance problem with them once they are dialed in. It can take a run or two to get the adjusted properly. You also have to keep in mind that you don't fit them as snug as straps. Sounds weird but it works.

For what it's worth, I demo'd several of the new generation bindings this year, Union, K2's, Rome, and I thought the Flow Team binding was the best one I used. It's also a $500 binder, but the NXT models are basically the same.
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