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Puzzling midpoint marking on k2 enemies

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I just bought some k2 enemies (not pe's; the black ones with gray stars). They don't have a midpoint mark, but instead a mark that says "boot toe". My boot does not have a "boot toe" mark on it to line it up with. Why didn't they just put a midpoint mark on these? Where should my boot be in relation to it?

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The "boot toe" is the tip of your boot lug, the end of the boot. This type of marking is an attempt to position the ball of foot (BOF) in a consistant location on the ski deemed by the manufacturer as the ideal position. For years Volkl used the same method for mounting their skis "Shutte Spitz"
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Boot on ski placement has evolved over the years. Way back, the ski manufacturers rule-of-thumb was to mount your boot toe edge at midcord (total ski length) for most skiers, 1 cm forward for slalom and 1 cm back for GS/DH, regardless of boot size.

Then the objective became to put the BOF on the center of the running surface of the ski. Since the toe mark results in a different BOF placement when different size feet are mounted on the same size ski, they switched to the mid-boot mark as a better way to achieve this. This is still not perfect as different boots have small differences in geometry (not the toe geometry which is governed by DIN standards).

Boot placement is very subjective and most skiers (even very good ones) cannot even notice small differences in boot location. I'd recommend contacting the vendor to ask what they recommend.
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Fudman22, I would take exception to the statement that most can not tell the difference in small changes to boot placement on skis. I think an average skier can/will notice the difference in as little as 1cm forward or back.
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Bud, didn't mean to offend you. I guess it depends on whether or not you are actually looking for a difference in performance or not.

While working at Sugarbush 30 years ago, a junior mechanic mounted up the Ski School director's skis. After a week of skiing on them, he brought them back for a wax. After we hung them up on the rack, we noticed one toe piece seemed to be mounted differently from the other. Lo and behold, one was mounted a cm forward of midchord and the other was a cm back, nearly an inch different. We asked Sigi and he said he never noticed any problem with the skis.

Maybe you just need to be looking for a difference...
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