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I know I may get flamed with posts about how if resorts didn't do this, they would sink because they couldn't be open for Christmas, and no Christmas at eastern ski areas=no more ski area.

OK--eastern skiiers, doesn't it bother you when opening day comes around and you visit the mountain to find 3 trails open with at least 5 others with 25ft snow whales built up on them but not spread out because the resort is "saving" the snow for the holidays?

Again, I understand what they are doing and respect that, but I have seen with my own eyes HUGE whales that if spread would lay down at least a 3ft-4ft base that is as dense as a glacier.

I guess I am wondering if I am the only dissapointed eastern skiier that experiences this every winter?

I admire those guyes in western NC who open for skiers with 2-10 inch bases! GO CAT!

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