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good enough or brave enougn?

Originally Posted by MAGGOT View Post
I'm amazed anyone is asking this. I'm always seeing new lines that make me wish I was good enough to ski them. I just can't help but notice things that look like they'd be fun, if I were a better skier. This is one of the biggest things that drives me to improve.
Some lines require courage before dropping, landing, and turning can even happen.:

Tyrone spoke of ways he developed courage, and to look at him skiing you know he must be doing something!!

Anyone have methods for increasing their tolerance of scary lines?? (aside from the obvious: do it! do it! do it!)

I built a tree platform in my back yard, 85 ft. up, and spend some time up there in the summer. Although it was not my original intention in building the platform, it de-conditions the fear of heights fairly well, helps one get used to looking down big drops.
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Originally Posted by davluri View Post
what do you focus on to become a better skier when you have mastered technique and have bought all the toys in existence?
Start over. Sell all your stuff, then hit your head on a brick wall until all skiing knowledge is lost. Now see if you can reach the pinnacle of skiing zen faster this time.
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A long time ago I took a private with an instructor up at Pico. We did the one "obligatory" run and he just said .... "you ski fine, now lets go have fun".

He led me back in the woods to some "chutes" ... now ... I had never seen these narrow chutes with big boulders, patches of snow and steep as hell to boot. So ...... I started (hands slightly shaking), to question him on "technique" and stuff.

The guy just said .... "turn where I do" ... and off he went. :

Did I have a choice? Hell I was lost in the woods.

His lesson to me that day was .... confidence .... he had confidence in me that I didn't have in myself.

I guess being lost was a big motivator too ...

Oh! Yeah .. I too suffer from fear of heights. I took a course in climbing and then took up flying (gliders too) ... but to this day my whole body aches when I get near the edge of a roof.
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there is no such thing as mastering technique.
but, i'll give it to you that there is a threshold of being able to simply own most lines in your repetoire (there will always be harder lines).
I feel that I'm one or two minimal notches from being able to do everything I want to do on skis (I have no big mountain aspirations and I haven't raced since high school).
My biggest issue right now...endurance. I gained 40lbs during the last 4 years of medical school and, while I'm slowly working myself back into shape, my thighs burn after 5 or 6 turns and I need to rest for 20seconds or so every 15-20 turns (if not sooner )
When I was in bomber shape 5 years ago, I could ski top to bottom laps without stopping (depending on if I'd adjusted to altitude for a day or two). I also felt a lot more comfortable that if I got into something hairy or if I got out of position at speed or on a tricky line, I had the endurance left to pull out of it. Right now, I don't trust my body that much.
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Terrain. Pure and simple.
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Double black diamond, very icy conditions, and making very controlled medium radius turns.
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