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What do I need to get done?

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After wearing my boots for 1 hour, the outside edges of my feet turn a reddish purple color and the top of my foot on the inside turns red. This is not good. After about 25 min, my feet start to get tingly, especially around the outside of my foot (the part of my foot extending from my little toe). I noticed that the skin right above one of the veins is red, which led me to think that maybe I need to get my cork insoles shaved a bit. I have the Superfeet Cork Vac insoles. Also, due to my bunion, do I need to do you think I may need to have some more space made for it on the inside of the boot? The closest boot fitter to me is about an hour, so I would like to know that it is not that my boots are just not broken in enough. Last season I wore them 5 times, and since, I have worn them around the house for about 15 hours. It has gotten a little better since the first time I wore them, but not much.

Tecnica Magnesium Hotform

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so you have worn the boots skiing for 5 days?

is this getting better or worse from day 1 to 5?

if you ski them, or wear then in the house, without the footbed is it better or worse?

if it is better get the footbed thinned out a bit so it is not as thick
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Hey jamesgig,

I am from Carlisle, just down the road. Have you been to Mountainside ski and Sports in Mechicsburg? They may be able to help you out?

It sounds like your foot beds may have your foot cocked a bit too much to the outside (supinated) or they are just taking up too much volume in general. Do you know if you have a rigid arch or not? If you do the Superfeet may not be the ideal footbed for your needs? Do you feel alot of pressure under your arch and like you are standing on the outside of your foot in the boot?
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I tried wearing them without the footed, but the outside of my feet still get numb and turn reddish purple.

I do not feel any pressure on my arch, or anywhere on the bottom of my foot. The only place where there is pressure is on the outside.

What is a rigid arch, and how can I tell if that is what I have?

Would this make it seem like I just need the toe box widened a bit?

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Is your foot shaped kinda like a banana? meaning does it have alot of curvature so the outside middle of the foot sticks our the farthest?

It sounds possibly like you need to widen the boot a bit in the area that is pressing against the wide part of your foot? Again, difficult to tell for sure without seeing what is going on?
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