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More World Cup on WCSN

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Watch the FIS World Cup Skiing Events again this Weekend

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Get of all the action from the Men’s and Women’s competitions, from Aspen, CO and Austria.
Live, On-Demand, and Video Highlights
Results, Photos, News and More
Follow your favorite skier throughout the FIS Season

FIS Skiing Aspen, CO USA: Dec. 8 - Dec. 9 - Women's Downhill & Slalom
FIS Skiing Austria: Dec. 8 – Dec. 9 – Men’s Slalom & Giant Slalom

Click Here To Watch Video at WCSN.com
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Did Epic cut a deal with WCSN? If so, cool.
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Originally Posted by Max_501 View Post
Did Epic cut a deal with WCSN? If so, cool.
More like "is cutting." As soon as it's done, I'll have a complete announcement here. Should be soon!
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Without giving away results to those waiting to see the race on WCSN, I just finished watching the women's downhill (yesterday 8 Dec's race) on NBC broadcast TV.



(not fully spoiled - no results - but info you might or might not want to read before watching)

Nasty conditions for racing, and two racers injured. Race was cut short after the 2nd injury. One country pulled out most of their remaining competitors after the first injury. Again, not disclosing which or whom for those wanting to be mostly spoiler-free.

One less-tragic, more humorous quote on the NBC broadcast when Kristina Koznick was interviewing Lindsay (Kildow) Vonn and Lindsay was commenting on the conditions: "I can't ski powder - I'm from Minnesota". Ok, I feel better about my lousy powder skiing now

Best wishes to the injured racers. One had a tibia bruise. The other tore several ligaments in her knee.

Looks like it was a epic powder day in Aspen, but not good judgment to run the race on such soft snow.
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There's a YouTube of the US Team ripping pow. Not surprising, I guess. Better to have fun freeskiing in those conditions!
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