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7 Springs Dec. 7th

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Took the morning off to go out to 7 Springs. All the runs on the front side are open with North Face slope scheduled to open on Sat. 16'-34' base is being reported. The resort also picked up a total of 13 inches of snow this week and they will probably get a couple more inches before the day is over.

All in all very good early season conditions. Surprisingly the snow was a little slick , probably due to the previous night's snowmaking and higher temps and humidity. Probably need to groom some more to get a more "even" surface on the slopes. There are some high and low areas that grooming should be able to contour . The Tyrol lift was dripping grease allowing the freshly laundered cream pants to be clean for all of about 30 minutes into the season.

The season is off to a good start, hopefully it can be sustained. On another note, I drove up and back to Traverse City , Mich this week which is about a 1100 mile r/t much of the trip in snow. Out and back to 7 Springs on fairly slippery roads this morning, only to end up backing off my driveway onto the grass and getting the car stuck in my neighbor's yard when I came home this afternoon. I guess better here than out of town, but I feel like a pretty big jerk!
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I got lucky enough to get the morning off on Thursday to go up and ski until noon. Great conditions for early season. Some fresh natural left and lots of velvety blower pow to be had if you knew where to look.

This weekend was the exact opposite. Still good skiing, just in the misting rain and pea soup fog. This week's forecast is not good at all, I just hope it clears out fast. The snow still had some energy left in it today, but it won't last long with these warm temps. Bring back the cold!
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I was in seven springs a few days before you during the storms, and it was impressive for december though the county did horrible job on plowing the roads leading up from the Donegal exit, we fishtailed quite a few times.

I wanted to go this week, but looks like everything is melting. So much for using up my season pass.
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