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Went out to PCMR this morning hoping to hit some powder. Nothing is open except blue/green groomers. We got 12-18 inches overnight and it''s snowing heavily now and is expected to continue through Saturday night. This should open up a lot more of the mountain. Deer Valley opens tomorrow, they've been making a ton of snow and I was up there last Saturday during the last storm and things looked pretty darn good for a bad start. This big storm should allow them to open a lot of terrain. The Cottonwoods are probably getting nuked. Even so, PCMR was great the first hour- I made third chair for... courduroy! but it soon turned into a zoo with all kinds of people rockin' the two runs open. Takin' the kiddies this afternoon on the bunny hill where it's safer. Just dumping outside.
The third pick- some kid brought the Rhinochasers for the green groomer face shots- that's the spirit!