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Best Beginner/Intermediate Bump Skiing in Catskills?

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hello all,

nice to be back on this site. glad ski season is back!

I usually only ski at Windham in the Catskills. But as much as I love the place, the only moguls they have are expert. I ski black diamond trails but those moguls they have are way, way too advanced.

I want to learn and get really good. So where do I go?

I've never been to Hunter or Bellayre. Do either have beginner/intermediate mogul runs?
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On a good day, you can find pretty much everything at Hunter. But that happens about twice a year. Or less.

42nd Street is a good intermediate bump run, but it was not open a single day last year. Minya can be good when bumped up. Lower Crossover. All depends on the snow.

You may want to check put their Moguls camp too:
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Thanks for the info!
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You should definitely check out Belleayre for easy moguls... a much better choice than Hunter or Windham.

I believe they do many "how-to" mogul events there. ASIA holds their Bump Festival there:

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Let's see...

Butternut has no bumps. Jiminy has almost no bumps, but the extremely few bumps are steep.

Catamount has very good bumps, which is where I started learning bumps. They have a black, Offstage, which is very tiny moguls on a pretty flat surface for a long time, until the end. In the end, the moguls are big, icy, and the terrain is around steep blue. But what I did when I learned bumps was go down the run until the steep part comes and then turn off the bumps (only 2/3 of the run is bumps; the other 1/3 is flat). Great place to start learning bumps. Then, after that, you can go on Lower Glade, which to the far right of the run is tiny miniature bumps, in good condition, on a moderately steep black surface. The moguls are tiny so it's a great place to learn after learning the top of Offstage. After learning Lower Glade, head to the bottom of Offstage, but start out doing the moguls slowly. Then head to Catapult, the signature double black there featuring average sized moguls on a steep double black surface.

Belleayre also has good bumps. All the double blacks there are moguls on a moderately or lesser steep black surface. Onteora is the best learning bumps in the Catskills and Berkshires(on average throughout the entire run), being a black with medium sized bumps on a greenish blue surface.

Hunter is after you have mastered these two mountains for moguls. Hunter is STEEP, ICY, BIG, AND OVERALLY NASTY MOGULS.

I would recommend you try both, and then Hunter. I started learning the bumps at Catamount on Offstage and Lower Glade. But I got good at it at Mount Snow, VT. Upper Challenger is the funnest moguls in southern VT (the funness of the trail just kept me going and going on that run!)!
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You guys are the BEST!

Thanks for this info. This is the year I master moguls.

Thanks again! Think snow!
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When there's decent coverage you also should check out Plattekill. Well worth the 20 min past Belleayre. The bumps there are worth seeking out for for several reasons --

LONGER bump runs -- Plattekill has entire 1000' runs bumped up, not just the headwall like at Belleayre. (But there are places to bail out, or you can start midway)

SOFTER bump runs -- less snowmaking or zero snowmaking on some bump runs. When there's no natural snow of course that's a bad thing, but when there is, Plattekill has softer bumps.

More UNIFORM bump runs -- fewer boarders in the mix at Plattekill, more skiers. I think of it as the Mad River Glen factor. Nothing against boarders, but skier-only or mostly-skier made bumps are more uniform so you can get a better rhythm ... boarder bumps seem to stretch out in weird ways.

That said, Belleayre always has nice bumps, especially in the springtime, they'll soften up mid morning.
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I guess I should have pointed out...

Belleayre will often have bumps on their green and blue trails as well as their blacks and double blacks up top... especially later in the season. Sometimes, they will groom only half of these easy trails for a bail-out option.

This is why I suggested Belleayre for learning moguls, and why they often hold mogul clinics there. Black diamond moguls are a tougher terrain for practice and learning.
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I forgot about Plattekill. So it looks like Platt and Bellayre. Thanks again!
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