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Get me to the Vasaloppet!

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I am on a crazy quest to do the Vasaloppet cross-country ski marathon in Sweden. Why crazy? Well I am a South African who does his sport in the dry bushveld and the warm Indian Ocean. But I feel the need for an adventure. The spirit, comradarie and atmosphere of this race sounds awesome. This is my dream.

But, challenge 1: Getting to the startline. Would you believe it there is an online writing competition in South Africa and I am one of 7 finalists to win an all expenses paid trip to Sweden to do the Vasaloppet . The only snag is that is now down to public voting to see who the winner is. Currently I am 70 votes behind the leader. Its not impossible to catch her... with your vote.

Please help me realise my dream and go to http://www.surfski.co.za/forums/show...?p=897#post897 and vote for my story, called Skinny Cuppa's Ocean Adventure. It will just takes a few seconds. Thanks! Every vote counts.

Challenge 2: Preparing for the race... Any advice on how best to condition myself in 2 months?? I am super-fit but I am a beginner skiier, and there is no snow in SA.: Cheers for now.
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Thanks to all that have voted for me. You have made a big difference. Still a week to go till voting closes.
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