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No skiing this weekend :(

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Rolled my ankle playing basketball last night.. a little swollen, not as bad as past sprains..but never the less It doesn't look like i'm skiing this weekend..

placed ice on it and i have wrapped.. not too bad..just a lower ankle tweek..

oh well ishh happens..
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Aw, just suck it up and get out there. Ski boots are great for compression.:
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Where are your priorities!!!!!!
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A real man could walk it off!
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I was a little tentative about my first day on skis last Thursday because of a torn calf muscle (from running a 5K on Thanksgiving), but I found that my leg actually did *better* while skiing. Normally after a day at the office, there is some pain and swelling, and I need to ice at night. My leg actually felt good after a day of skiing, and there was no swelling (likely due to the positioning and compression of the ski boots, and staying active all day).
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lol, you guys are too much...

Hope you all had a blast this weekend.. I was sad
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What the heck are you playing hoops for during ski season, anyway??? Now cram that swollen extremity into your boot, crank up those buckles for some compression, turn off your boot heaters so you can ice it down, take 2 shots of Goldschlagger and get out in the saddle dang it!!!
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