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Skis with demo bindings

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Might be able to get good deal on a pair of demo Bandit XXX with Rossi FTX 120 demo bindings. So how is it to ski on demo bindings?
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I have had a few pair of skis with demo bindings and have not had any problems.... Tyrolian and Salomon never a Look/Rossi though. They tend to be a tad heavier but not enough to notice unless you race, then they may slow down your skating.

My kids still have Salomons that have seen duty on several skis now and started life in a rental fleet.... If the price is right take a chance if they aren't too old.<FONT size="1">

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Their in almost new condition, perfect bases with the edges needing about 2 minutes with a stone to smooth out a small nick or two. Top sheet about 3-5 days wear max.
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You probably won't even notice that extra ounce or two. Our local NASTAR course is very flat at the top and the winners are those that can kick like mules. Since I am reaching mid 50's fast...... along with the declining muscle mass that that brings... my over-sensitivity to weight...... It's easier to put my skis on a diet than loose the ten pounds that I oughta!
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Doug sorry I haven't gotten back to you on those bindings. Turns out it wouldn't have mattered anyway as they all sold at a summer clearance he had in July.
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Leeroy , no worries, I really don't need any more ski equipment, really I don't ( note to self say three times every time pass ski store) Will be on the look out for a kids racing ski for daughter but really want to see how committed she is before I get anything. Has caught horse bug so have to see.<FONT size="1">

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my 2 cent's on demo bindings : they are OK, except if you're doing hard - there are too many different plastic parts in such bindings, and they might release more often than standard bindings (for same DIN crank). I would not have confidence on the demos when i'm skiing exposed terrain.
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Better shop early for kids racing stuff. Shops here in the east were picked clean by December 1st.

Never found the skis kid racer wanted till March.......

Took me twenty calls and 200 miles (in Dec.) to get a speed suit.

Didn't get him into decent boots till May...

I started hitting shops yesterday just to find out who is going to have whatever...
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