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Fischer XTR Fire -122/73/99 (170cm)

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I have been skiing on Rossignol Cut 10.4 (184's) since I was a beginner. I have progressed tremendously since then even though I only ski maybe ten to fifteen times per year at eastern resorts, once out west to Jackson Hole in 2002.

I was told by a member here that the Fischer's are not much of an upgrade from what I had, and for what I paid ($199) I could have done better. Another member said they are not bad skis? Two different reviews on these. I know they are considered intermediate and are manufactured to be used as rentals. Are these considered "All-Mountain Carvers" based on their specs or are they for the groomers only?

I could ski most any terrain on the Rossi's, just had to work a little harder to get the results. I bought these skis because of a very limited budget and the turnaround time to have my bindings mounted is Dec 27th at this shop, it would have cost me $70 dollars to stone-grind and have bindings tuned on my old skis, for an extra $120 I figured they would do. I didn't do my homework and didn't have the money or the time to buy online and then get the bindings mounted, etc...

So after all that text any good reviews of the Fischer skis or bad?? Thanks in advance for your responses.
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The dimensions are actually 112-73-99.

Sorry, but I can't help out with any more info. I just don't test rental skis.

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The Fischer catalog lists these skis as being appropriate for skier levels 5 thru 8. They have the same dimensions as last year's XTR. Fischer sold a lot of XTRs to instructors to use as teaching skis. The people I know who have them like them for teaching because they are versatile enough for different class levels, terrain, and conditions. They also report that they are a fun ski for free skiing as well. I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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