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Need advice on first set of boots.

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So I finally turned 18, and I have been since I was six, and I think my feet are done growing now, so I am going to be getting my first pair of boots. I am probably a level 7 skiier pushing 8, but I plan on doing something like a Mahre clinic so I might end up being at that semi-pro, 9, status by the end of the season. I would like to know what flex of boot I need, and which boot would best fit my foot. I measured and my foot is fairly narrow 99 or 100mm at the very widest point. I would just like some ideas as to what I am looking for, and something that will suit me now, and be able to grow into. I plan on keeping these boots for awhile. I am going to have the boot fitter at my local mountain wfit them after I buy them. Thank you for all the help.
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we need quite a bit more info to guide you in this one, your foot measures 99mm wide but in what size, if your were a size 5 then this would be wide, a size 11 and it is skinny..... also your shoe size or brannock measurments and your height and body weight are needed to give you an idea of flex

where are you based, best thing is to find the boot pro nearest you and have them sell and fit the boots for you
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Sorry, I am new to this whole ski forum thing. I am based In Arizona and I have know a boot fitter but he doesn't carry any good high end boots. My hight is 6' 2'' and right now I weigh 150 but will be bulking up soon for the season. And my shoe size is 11.5. Thank you once again for your help.
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99 wide on a size 11? ya that is skinny.

lange 130 WC

fulltilt (raichle)

salomon falcon

nordica doberman (aggressor?)
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jj462, welcome to EpicSki!

Given your size and foot size, I cannot recommend seeing a true specialist highly enough. It will change your skiing (for better or worse!) when you get into these boots. To get ones that fit your foot, your lower leg, and your body is a significant advantage. You don't say where you'll be skiing, but it's likely that you can find one of the EpicSki Boot Guys when you head up this way, and I would recommend doing so.

Boots are more than how they fit your foot, and it's very difficult to get much closer without seeing you stand.
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I will be skiing in the southwest. I live in Arizona and ski my local mountains, but I will probably be going to travel a little this season. I was really just hoping to get some guide lines as to what I should be looking for as far as stiffness and brand. Because my dad likes Technica and my local boot fitter, as good as he is, doesn't carry Technica. So do you have any flex recommendations? Thanks again.
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Any chance you could get over to Taos?

You'll want to shell fit the boot first. There are a number that are likely to fit that width, but the shell shapes are different, and different shell shapes will fit you very differently.
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