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Getting to tahoe from San Francisco...without a car?

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So I just took the plunge and decided to move to San Francisco. I plan on selling my car which is a big change and now I'm wondering how I'm going to get to Tahoe to ski? Are there any shuttles or charter planes for cheap?

Any info or insight from somebody who also does this would be great.

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The Bay Area Ski Bus is one option. Turxski on TGR can tell you more about that.

The Snowpals list/site is a good way to hook up for ride shares.

Cheapest flights are typically Southwest from OAK or SJC to RNO, but you're still 45 minutes from most resorts. Alternatively, a guy on Snowpals flies his private plane up there for day trips, and has repeatedly offered ride-alongs for a share of the gas. (I haven't done it, so I can't vouch.)
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There are three bus services that I know of from the Bay Area to Tahoe. One is the Bay Area Ski Bus (see bayareaskibus.com), another one is NACski (see NACSki.com) and then there is Ride Lake Tahoe (ridelaketahoe.com). I think Ride Lake Tahoe tends to to go to Kirkwood a lot. But you can check all three schedules, pricing on line. They have one day trips (leave early AM, ski from about 9-4 (barring weather problems), home by around 9-10PM usually. It's a pretty easy way to get around as long as you're flexible about following their schedules. Bay Area Ski bus runs once/midweek, Sat and Sun (if enough people sign up).
PM is you'd like more info. I'm a frequent user.
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My sister in law uses city car share...it's a pretty neat deal. You call ahead for a car reservation, then go pick it up at a garage near you, and drop it off when you're done. It's cheaper than owning a car and buying insurance. We visited her in September and we took a cable car to within a couple of blocks of the garage, got the car and drove around for 5 hours.

She uses it all year round when she needs to go outside the bus area, and she spent $400 last year. That's one car payment for some. Check it out here:

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If your going with a group i'd rent a car..
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Tyler, welcome to the Bay area. There a a few Bears who live in or near San Fran. Perhaps a ride pool could be started and you might hook up with one of the Bears. You can take Golden Gate Transist to Santa Rosa and ride with us any time we are going up. We usually leave at 4pm on Fri and drive back Sunday. Pm me and I'll give you the phone #s. And as always you are welcome to crash at the Shangra-la.

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I once bum into two retired UA pilots who regularly fly up there on small plane for a day and took a "flight" home! Given SFO is a hub of UA, I wouldn't be too surprise you might be able to hook up with one.

Otherwise, as mentioned above, Southwest flys to Reno. And you can get a ski bus from the casinos going to Mt Rose, Diamond Peak and NorthStar.
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I am going up to South Lake Tahoe this Thursday by taking Amtrak. A bus will pick me up at the Ferry Building at 7:10am and bring me across the Bay to the Emeryville Amtrak train station. Then, I will take a train to the Sacramento Amtrak station, where a bus will bring me to the South Lake Tahoe transit center located right next to the Heavenly gondola. I shall arrive at around12:30 pm and can get in around 2 hours of skiing. And the cost is around $43 each way.

I will return to San Francisco next week. No car is needed once you get up to South Lake Tahoe, as all the casinos, restaurants, and the Heavenly gondola are within walking distance.
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Here's a comparison of all the charter buses and public transit options in a handy chart, updated for the 2014/15 ski season:


In short, I'd recommend a public charter bus, since a seat is pretty economical, you can buy add on services for discounts (e.g., lift tickets), and you sleep there and back (or make new friends) without having to worry about driving or being too tired to drive. 

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There are some ride sharing sites to check out too:



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I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the OP probably figured it out over the past 8 years.  ;-)

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