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Gore 12/6 TR

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Arrived at about 7:45 to +1 degree mostly cloudy weather but no wind.

Sorry, no pics. I was solo and I don't have a camera at the moment.

There were maybe 100 cars in the lot. I skied everything that was open, which was not much. The Topridge Triple and the Gondola were the only lifts open. Lots of laps on Topridge and Pine Knot plus a few to the bottom using Showcase and Quicksilver. It spit snow most of the morning, but nothing significant.

There was maybe 6" of settled snow off trail and lots of stumpage showing through on Rumor. The snow makers were setting up on Hawkeye, so I suspect they'll start running the Straightbrook chair this weekend.

My legs gave out at about 1 pm and I limped back home. The manmade snow was firm, but edgeable. It was OK today, but if they don't get some more terrain open soon, it will get skied off pretty quickly starting this weekend.
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I plan on skiing Gore alot this winter, alot for me is at least four times. How are the top runs at Gore? They look like they lack vertical, maybe 800ft? I see you can ski twister all the way down the mountain or steilhang? Are there any trails that run top to bottom for a good leg burn?
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Your assessment of the top of Gore is correct. Steep, but short. It is possible to ski from top to bottom, but you have to be a good glider and hope for favorable (fast) snow. Steilhang dumps you out below the connector to Twister and does not allow top to bottom skiing. In order to ski top to bottom, you have to follow Cloud to the Saddle Lodge and then left onto Twister, Showcase, or Wild Air. Lower Cloud is very flat and usually requires some poling unless you hit it just right. When it's crowded, there will be such a human slalom, it will be impossible to make it without skating/poling. If I lived closer, I'd ski at Whiteface more, but Gore is barely 1 hour and Whiteface is just over 2.
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Skied at Gore on the 7th as well (was going to post a thread, but saw this).

Snow seemed fine, not too much ice. I thought it was about average for Gore. Temps were fine too, just where they needed to be. There wasn't much open, so it was a good thing that lift tickets were $25 that day.

All in all, I was quite pleased with the trip, considering its the beginning of Decemeber.

I also demo'd two pairs of skis, which I will post in the Gear Reviews section.
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