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Elan's Fusion Binding system

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Being someone with a history of knee problems, I am concerned about bindings - probably no need to be, but hey everyone's got there "issues."

I am familiar with Tyrolia/Head bindings, Marker, and Rossi/Look, but not Fusion. They appear (from looks) to be a derivation of Tyrolia (but not sure).

Are Fusions a quality product to be trusted. I know Elan is a well respected company, so is Audi, yet the original 5000's were a huge albatross for the automaker.

Does anyone really make a bad binding anymore?


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The Elan binding sure looks like a Head/Tyrolia, just with Elan's own rail/mounting system.

I've heard not-so-good things about the newer Markers. All bindings need to return the boot to the center position when it vibrates part way out. I think this is where the Markers are lagging.

Marker is now owned by a consumer products company, Jarden, who also owns such top notch companies as Mr. Coffee, Seal-a-Meal, Bicycle playing cards, Coleman camping gear, as well as K2 and Volkl. We'll have to wait and see if they maintain or raise the performance of their ski products, or just treat them as another consumer product.

By the way, Quiksilver, the surfer shorts outfit, owns Rossi/Look/Lange, but is shopping them to another buyer. Amer Sports of Finland owns Salomon and Atomic. Head is a Dutch company owned by a Swede who lives in the U.K. Who's on first?
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Hi Scott,
Elan outsources Tyrolia for its bindings. You need not be concerned about the safety. A Tyrolia is just as safe as any major player in the binding industry. The heel and toe pieces are the same as the retail Tyrolias. The integration plates are what's different.

I'm confident with every brand of bindings on the market. I can't say that I have had a failure with any other binding brand.

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I figured they were Tyrolias but wanted to hear from others that they wre actually made by T and not reproductions or reversed enginerred knoeck-offs.
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Yep, they are Tyrolias. They just happen to screw onto sliding plates Elan embeds in the ski (that's the fusion part).
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Also have bad knees. And ski hard. So spend a lot of time learning about bindings, often from companies that make them. Talk to people I know who are othopedists, engineers etc.

Very subjective opinion: 90%+ of releases are handled equally well by all modern bindings. But I think that in say no more than 10% of falls, probably less, release will happen a touch quicker, or at a more friendly angle, with Tyrolia made bindings (Head, Tyrolia, Elan, Fischer).

I've skied everything, literally, and Tyrolias are the only bindings that don't give my knees a twinge or jerk when I come out in twisting falls in soft snow. I attribute this to the semi-lateral heel release. Markers are also knee friendly, but at the cost of coming out maybe too easily, and I still feel the jerk. (Except for the MRR, a great binding. Wish they made it with wide brakes.) Old rotary Looks also seemed to work well, probably because of the spring angle relative to tibia; new ones are still very elastic but that doesn't necessarily help your knees, just your retention in bumps or gates.

I'm sure plenty of folks here will disagree with every single premise of mine. And for people with solid knees, the advantage might be so small that they'll never notice. But I just know what my joints like.
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Apparently, besides bad knees, I do not spell too well either....esp at 7:43am!

Thanks all
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