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I need Bindings

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I just picked up a pair of Armada Pipe Cleaners (last years model = good price ), and i'm looking for some recomendations on bindings for these skis. I dont know much about freestyle equiptment, so any help would be appreciated. Ill be using these skis for an all mountain ski with the occasional trip into the park. Thanks for the help!
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Wrong forum.

We also need your skiing stats to give you a proper binding.
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Thanks for the move, my "ski stats"...i'm 17 years old 6'0 159lbs, ive been skiing since i was 4-5 and ive been racing since age 14. I'm looking at these look bindings online, has anyone bought from this store before?

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That's pretty expensive for that model. Someone posted a link to the same binding for about $80. That would be a good binding.
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