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Here's the thing if you really want to take turns fast a seatbelt is a necessity, if I didn't were a seatbelt the way I drive I wouldn't be able to stay in my seat. The drive from my house to Park City is mostly on a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere so you can maintain speeds of well over 100mph. The whole surviving the accident is good too.
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For those who don't get it. Your car is going 40, you hit a tree, the car stops, those without seatbelts are still going 40 when they hit the dash. Go outside and run at a tree until you hit it. You are probably going 8 to 10mph, soesn't feel to good.
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Amen Bro.
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I know a man who doesn't wear his seatbelt when driving up to the hill and he has good reason not too.. In New Zealand as you may or may not know, the roads up to some of the ski fields are pretty gnarly. Usually a series of tight, steep switchbacks, with 100 foot cliffs at the road's edge, with no guard rail. A few years back, The general manager at the ski field I worked at was driving down the mountain after closing up for the day. As always, he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. As he approached the second switchback, his truck started sliding on ice. It continued to slide, right through the corner, and right off the edge of the road. Needless to say, the truck experienced quite a fall, and was completely written off. But because he wasn't wearing his seatbelt, the general manager simply stepped out of his truck as it slid to the road's edge, and let it go! He might not have made it out, and would surely be dead if he was wearing his seatbelt.. And he still never wears one on the hill access road, just in case it happens again!

But on the other hand, here at home in Canada I always wear my seat belt, it doesn't make sense not to!
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Prolonging the agony...

I was in the lucky 1% that was saved by not wearing a seatbelt when I was 10.

Mother was crossing a highway in winter. She didn't see the Chevy doing 55 mph and he hit us in the passenger door right where I was sitting, unbuckled.

Both of us were thrown out of the drivers side door, and I took the knobs off the radio with my head. We ended up in a ditch, not a scratch (other than the one on my head from the knobs : ), and I consider myself VERY lucky.

The car was a total loss. The passenger door was punched in over halfway, and had I been strapped in there, I would have been cut in half.

On the other hand, I started wearing a seatbelt when Washington made it a law years ago. I was rear ended at a stoplight once, and was glad to have it on then. I did NOT go through the windshield.

I wear one today. I wear a helmet when I ride a motorcycle, and I just got a helmet for when I ski, too.

But I STILL believe I would not make it a law to have to wear either. Having been in both situations, I think it should be a personal choice.

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I am not going to read through all the posts in this one. I am only going to respond that I have worn seat belt religiously for the last 30 years.

At the end of last ski season I was a mile from my house stopped with my 2001 Ranger pickup behind a semi tractor that had stopped for a school bus. As I watched the kids depart the bus I was suddenly hit from behind at 60mph with a Chevy Suburban by a guy in diabetic shock. The Suburban isntantly drove my rear axle under my cab and drilled me into that semi tractor. I hit the right rear tire area and that drove the engine under the cab. I shot out like a bar of soap and the ranger tumbled in all directions. I ended up 200 feet from the impact site. There was not a window or undamaged piece on my ranger and the ranger was unrecognizable as a pickup truck. The airbags deployed and the seatbelt held. The semi driver was also injured by the impact. The person in the Suburban lived but not by much. His engine went to the passenger seat. He was lucky to be belted and have an airbag.

I spent four days in the hospital with very painful soft tissue damage and broken bone in my hand. I was largely unhurt in relation to the severity of the accident. I can tell you without a doubt that all those years of buckling that seat belt paid off in a few seconds of very violent noise. That was March 28th 2003 and I am here to ski another day.
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I am chiming in a day late and a dollar short here - sorry...

The first image that sprang to my mind when I read the first post in this thread was a car accident I had when I was 21.

I had a bruise on my body for 4 weeks. Naked I looked like I was wearing a MISS USA sash. From the upper most part of my collarbone on the left, across my breasts and waist to my hip on the right I had a 2.5 inch thick PURPLE bruise indicating where my seat belt had restrained me.

It's a lasting image.

I always wear a seatbelt... 1 saved my life.

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Originally posted by matt_davis:

I like the freedom to move, bend & dance while driving.

If you drive safe, you never have a need for them. That is where your focus should be.

I ALWAYS belt my kids.
You should second guess it just based on the contradictions in your initial statement. Drivers like you is part of why I wear a seatbelt, there's no telling how you might apply logic to other critical judgement situations.
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my friend Rachel was in a car accident in High School
the steeringwheel of her Suburban did some very serious damage to her face, that had to be surgically repaired.
yes, her seatbelt saved her life but its not a silver bullet panacea for everything......
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let me speak up here,
Those who don't wear seatbelts, must not buckle thier young kids in? If not, whats the differance.? Why buckle your kid in, and not buckle your self in? Don't you want your kids having two parents.
Driving all over the country for my job, i have seen accidents where there are bodies bags of all shape and sizes ,where the victums are scattered hundreds of feet away.
I have no sympthy for those killed (cept the small childern) who should of been wearing seatbelts but weren't.
Yes there are times when seat belts shouldnt of been used, but the #'s from studies from the DOT all say wear your seatbelt, even if your just going around the to the corner store.
I wear mine all the time, i want to beable to get to the ski area in one complete peice, and not go home in a body bag.
Some states now have passed laws where if a cop sees you not wearing your belt, they can pull you over, unlikse other states have to pull you over for another offense, ie:speeding.
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I wear them just in case i get pulled over for speeding. Don't want that nice $185 ticket to go any higher because I did not wear a seat belt. Besides, seat belt would prevent my cranium from protruding out of my windshield of I have a head-on.
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Originally Posted by matt_davis
I like the freedom to move, bend & dance while driving.

Except ... not only are seatbelts for wimps, so are cars. I prefer to get out into traffic on the Interstate and groove, without indulging the bourgeois "oh-look-at-me-I-have-so-much-money-and-am-so-important-I-have-a-big-red-or-maybe-black-steel-body-protector-with-headlights-and-stuff-like-that" attitude.

The Man wants you to buy a car. I say, "No way, Man. Like, I mean, get outta here or something."

Picture, if you will, a lonely artist, shucking, jiving, dodging, briefly indulging in some break-dance-style spins, then suddenly ripping off some cool robot moves ... all in the midst of six lanes of cars and semi-trucks cluelessly speeding along in their appointed lanes, slaves to The Man ... it's a thing of a beauty. For a little while, anyway.

Now dont get me wrong, I ALWAYS belt my kids.
Crushing their little artistic spirits!
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Those who don't wear seatbelts , are probly the ones who read a book, shave, put on make up, watch tv, breast feed thier babies,perform acts of, well cant go there , all the while driving in a blinding snow storm.
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If your driving in Utah seat belts won't save you! Driving safe won't save you! Wearing a helmet when skiing won't save you! Wearing body armore won't save you! Nope none of that will save you from death and injury. The only thing that will save you is to wear Garments! For more info on Garments contact your local LDS missionary.
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Originally Posted by matt_davis
my friend Rachel was in a car accident in High School
the steeringwheel of her Suburban did some very serious damage to her face, that had to be surgically repaired.
yes, her seatbelt saved her life but its not a silver bullet panacea for everything......
So, I'm guessing she had no Secondary system, such as airbags?

How would she have faired if she wasn't wearing the seatbelt?
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Utah49, are you converting? ha ha
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Just an fyi. Not wearing a seatbelt is a primary or secondary offense in 49 out the 50 states. The one hold out, New Hampshire (State Motto "Live Free or Die") will give a ticket for anyone under 17 who does not have a seatbelt.
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Only a fool would ride with me and not wear a seat belt. Seriously.

Especially on the way to the mountain!
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Feb 15, 1986 I was on my way west and for some unknown reason had put my belt on.....I never wore a belt. I had a mechanical failure and spun out and was rear ended by a pick-up and pulled off on to the median and unhooked the belt.

Seconds later I spotted the jack knifed semi about 100' away still doing 50 headed right for me. I said good bye to everybody and attempted to escape out the passenger side door. I didn't get out and the semi and I went 80' down the highway together and my truck was destroyed.

Looking at the drivers seat, it was easy to see If I had the belt on I'd have died. I hate the damn things.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
Looking at the drivers seat, it was easy to see If I had the belt on I'd have died. I hate the damn things.
For every anecdote like yours, there are probably ten like this accident, last Saturday on Red Mountain Pass near Ouray, CO:

Four hundred feet down a 60 degree slope, all six occupants had at most minor injuries. Without seatbelts they'd probably all be dead.
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I guess you don't need safety release bindings either; your focus should be on skiing safely.
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Drive fast, take chances, forget about your cholesteral number.
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I work in surgery and I've seen way too many ejections from not wearing a seat belt. News flash... the roads are more risky going to the mountain. Remember all the people you talk about on a daily basis here that board/ski too close to your kid? They don't drive any better. Going to Mt. Hood on highway 26 from Portland is the death highway. One of the most dangerous in Oregon. Yet there are idiots most everywhere so I wear it everywhere. And the elk...
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