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Question for Hotbox-ers

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Do you hotbox the base prep wax or do you hotbox after applying the wax of the day or overlay or additive or do you do multiple sessions, one after each additional wax?
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I generally use a base prep wax first. soak it in real good with a 4-6 hour or more hotbox session at about 145 - 160 F. Then I will scrape brush etc, then add the wax for the day iron it in, then hotbox again for a few hours, brush etc.

If I am using magic dust, that just gets corked in before the race.
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That is 63-71 C. I thought you were supposed to hotbox at more like 55c. How hot is too hot?

The most important thing you can do is get a good soak of base prep wax into your bases.

It won't hurt to soak in the wax of the day, but it is much less important than the base-prep.
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145-160 is what I do too, any less and the wax doesnt melt.
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I would say you are safe to up around 200F for limited amounts of time. Skis are pressed with much higher temps than that, so you will be safe.

The temp you hotbox at also depends on the hardness of the wax.

If you are interested in absolute control of your temps to within a degree and having a prostyle set-up for doing so, I build and sell a hotbox for backshop use, and we are developing a pro-sumer/consumer friendly version. I would pass on a link to my site, but don't want to spam. You can search my name on TGR and visit via my sig link to learn more.
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