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Which Ski To Keep?

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So far this forum has been gold for me. I've learned so much in just a short amount of time. Heres my question. As I've stated in other posts I'm getting back into skiing after about a 10 year layoff. I'm really itching to get going again. Back in the day I was a pretty good intermediate skier. I was pretty much willing to try anything. My form was pretty good IMHO. So now I've gone out and bought 2 pairs of skis. The later one was a deal I couldn't resist so I grabbed it. I'll probably be skiing 15-20 times a year with a trip to Whistler or Banff maybe once a year. Primarily it will be eastern skiing in Southern Ontario. I'm thinking I don't really need both pairs of skis so I wouldn't mind selling a pair.
Heres what I have:

'08 Palmer P02 - 163cm - Tyrolia LD 12 Cyber Bindings
'08 Volkl Mantra - 177cm - Marker Jester 16 Bindings

I could keep both pairs if it makes sense. I'm not selling them because of a money issue. I just want to concentrate and master one pair. Is that the wrong attitude to have? Should I just keep both? These are the answers I seek. I'm sure skiing style comes into play here as well but I don't really know what I'll be into until I get back into it. Know what I mean? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Keep both, they will complement each other.
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Nice quiver, keep both you lucky dog!

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I would say that you probably don't want the Mantras as your only ski for eastern skiing, but it is going to be a sweet, sweet ski to have anywhere out west. Keep both if you can.
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