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Fischer RX-6 & or RX-8 TRANSITION from old style skiing to new style and new ski

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I now am of the ripe old age of 70 and want to get back in the game.
Got lost in the shuffle a few years (10) ago. I was a very accomplished parallel skier back then and most of this was done in Tahoe Snow, Squaw Valley and other Tahoe areas. My mind wants back more than my body. I am still in good physical health and working on my leg and arm strength. I am 5'7" 175-lbs with boots. Looking at Fischer RX-6 170cm and or RX-8 170cm. Will ski from 10-to 12 days this year and hope for the same next year. Speed is not my bag, however being from the old school, short turns were good. Bumps were good and carving was good. It looks like the old style is gone for good. TO BAD as it took a long time to get there and this new style sure is not as pretty. I can pickup a new set RX-6 for about $100.00 less than the RX-8 . Long and short of it is, I want back in, fewer skiing days, age 70, mind better than body, and the TRANSITION from the old way to the new way. RX-6 or RX-8?
Thanks for your patience.
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I would recommend the RX6. Its been discribed as 90% of the performance of the RX8 for 50% of the effort. You might consider a 170cm, but the 175cm is a do-able size too.

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I would also recommend the RX6 over the RX8 because it has a has less sidecut and a softer flex than the RX8, and would be less of a change from what you were used to. If you are still skiing at Tahoe, do you think that you might like something a little wider? If so, in the Fischer line you might want to consider the AMC 73. It is wider than the RX6 & 8, does not have as deep a side cut, and has a fairly soft flex.
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You might also consider some lessons to go with the new skiis. The new technique is a lot easier on your body. That's what my 85 year old dad said when he got some new Volkl slalom skiis for his home hill of Sun Valley.
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I agree with JimL on the RX6 or the AMC73 recomendation for Fischers. I would go with 165 or no more than 170 in the RX6 and a 170 in the AMC73. The AMCs can be had at a good price on line as well.
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Agree, 165 cm. These skis are made to be skied that length by someone your size, weight, & energy level. Get the RX-6. The RX-8 might demand a much higher energy level.

I'm on a ski somewhat like the RX-8, the Head Supershape. I'm 6', 200#, good all mountain skier, and the 170 is just right for me. If you can find some Head iXRC800, again about 165 cm, consider those. They're another excellent ski, not widely sold, and maybe very fairly priced. I have these in 156 for the Mrs., and they hold me on a carved turn. I've loaned these XRC800s to a couple of folks, and they just smile and tell me how easy they are to turn.
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Thank all that have replied. it is nice to see that even an older person who is still interested in pursuing this great sport can get help. Keep the suggestions coming.
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For Tahoe, I would go with the RX-9 actually. It's a very nice ski, and you'd like it a lot. It will even accomodate old-school habits, whereas the RX-8 really wants to carve new-school (as does the RX-6 to an extent). The RX-9 has less sidecut than the RX-6, so it will be less carvy and more relaxed. Yet it's still an extremely fun ski. Of all the RX series, regardless of skier level in the upper intermediate to expert range, I like the RX-9 the best.
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If you can find a pair of RX9s they are an excellent ski for making the transition from straight ski to "shaped" ski technology. Several people demoed my RX9s for their first exposure to the new tech. They loved the ski and had no trouble figuring them out. One of 'em insisted on buying the skis. To bad for me, Fischer dropped them from their US catalog for this season.
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Over the course of the two consecutive days in Jan 2006 I had access to many demo skis and must have tried 8-10 pairs with no hassles and lots of ski time. I think a pair of 175cm Fischer RX9’s were my favorite and seemed to forgive my ancient technique.
Here is an example of a size and price that you might be interested in:
http://cgi.ebay.com/skis-package-FISCHER-RX9-165-ski-FX12-carving-NEW-07_W0QQitemZ120193535730QQihZ002QQcategoryZ62182QQ ssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
I eventually got a pair of RX8's and they are very nice too and a little more turny. I suspect you'd be fine with the RX6 as well.
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I believe the Progressor replaced the RX-9 for 2008. Last year's (2007) RX-9's are still available here and there, in fact I bought some from ski-depot.com last week for $459.
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Now I am getting a little confused. I have looked into the Fischer RX9 and though they may just be a little over my head. Remember, I was a very strong parallel skier 10-years ago, age (60). Now after being out for 10-years getting back in with the all new ski and new style, Transition, Transition. A number of members have suggested the RX9 and they sound great and look good on paper. In the past I always purchased new ski's above my ability and skied into them. I do not have that luxury any more.
Fischer does not seen to be a very popular ski in the Tahoe Shops. I could only find one in the South Shore area. None on the North side of the lake.
Renting/Demo sounds good however, only one shop on the South side has the Fischer RX9 series left over from last year as a demo. Is Fischer a XXXX in the Tahoe area? Since I will only have about 10-days this year to get on them my re-learning curve would have to be short. After some very good thoughts and input from the form members I was leaning (Carving) toward the RX6. The difference between the RX6 and RX8 does not appear to be that great. To go to the RX9 is another leap. I know a lesson or two will be in order and that is not a problem. Plan on using Squaw (Gold Coast) to warm up with. Boy, this has turned out to be some choice.
Thanks again for the response.
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For any of the Fischers, make sure to check in with dawgcatching's sale here on EpicSki.

The RX-9 can be a lot of ski, but you can relax on it, too. Certainly more than you can on the RX-8. The RX-6 is a bit more "front side, east coast" than the RX-9.

Remember the old 80s Rossis? For the RX-6, think a ST-650. For the RX-9, think the Strato. Not that they are the same skis, but made for the same kind of skier/skiing -- transmuted to the modern world, of course...
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Fischers are great skis but not mass marketed like Volkls or Atomics so you won't see them in a lot of shops.
If we're talking Fischer your choices can be as simple as this, if you are planning to stay on the groomed and away from powder you won't go wrong with RX6 in a 165. RX 8 or 9s will be a lot more work. If you are going to occasionally venture off piste then the Fisher AMC 73 or 76 would be a good not to demanding choice.
Of course there are many brands and models out there but I think you are on the right track with Fischer both for you needs and the most bang for your buck.
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I don't know about that, Eric S. I enjoyed the RX-8s in pow (I like to ski in, not on for the most part). The RX-9 floats a bit more, of course.

I didn't like the AMC series. If I was going to go wider, I'd likely move away from Fischer.
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
I didn't like the AMC series. If I was going to go wider, I'd likely move away from Fischer.
ssh, what didn't you like about the AMCs? I just got a pair of 76s in 176 to replace my 1st gen 170 AC4s which I found a little to much work and dissapointing in the trees.
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Originally Posted by Eric S View Post
ssh, what didn't you like about the AMCs? I just got a pair of 76s in 176 to replace my 1st gen 170 AC4s which I found a little to much work and dissapointing in the trees.
In my experience, they got tossed around a lot in the crud, junk, and bumps. I'm not sure why that would be, but I came away from them very disappointed. And this is when I was skiing RX-8s as my primary skis and had really looked forward to them.

Of course, YMMV, for sure! I think dawg loves them, IIRC.
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I think we are getting there. Deep powder has never been a big thing with me, never did like it. Light new (Tahoe) snow not bad. Groomed good, good rounded Moguls good, speed not that important. Back then it was ALL FORM and it was good. Ok, still leaning to Fischer.
What is "front side, east coast"?
What is the difference between this and west coasts (Tahoe )
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Hey, ron...

The difference is snow. Harder in the east, more typically groomers. If you're mostly on groomers with some bumps, stick with the RX-6. You'll love it. If you're going to spend time in chop, crud, and that kind of thing, the RX-9 might be a better choice.

That said, I passed a level II skiing exam in 18" of cut up powder skiing my RX-8s... the examiner's comment: "You clearly were having fun in there!" (This from a guy who clearly didn't think exams should be fun, but that's another story...)
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The field has narrowed. Leaning into Fischer RX6 170cm. This form has been great and lots of good questions with lots of answers. No one right no one wrong. I have ruled out the RX8. The RX9 had my attention, however, as stated may be a bit to much for me. I want to start off the day good and finish good. No more 4:PM just one more run and we will end the day. Been there done that. May end up in Turlock (yes Turlock) or Berkeley to buy them. They appear to be the only shops in the greater bay area who carry Fischer.
Again, thanks for all the solid information from those of you who have been there.
P.S. Still thinking (only thinking) about the RX9
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ron, have you seen dawgcatching's sale?

If not, you'd better! Look here for 2007 skis. With bindings for $279 in 165.

Or this one for 2008 skis. $519 with bindings.

dawg has been around here a long time, is the best of people, gives discounts to EpicSki Supporters, and will set you up right.
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Hey Ron,

I've enjoyed reading the advice given by others. And I'm finally happy to read a thread where the more experienced folks out there believe an RX-6 is a good fit for someone!

This forum helped me decide on an RX-6 at the beginning of last year. I'm 37 years old ( 6'0, 215 lbs and drive an RX-6 in 170 that I bought from dawgcatching -- he'll ship all over the place. Scott (dawgcatching) is great. His prices, service, and everything... My skis were the 2006 model (I think -- the blue ones), and they had a delamination issue that model year. Fischer / Scott replaced them with brand new 2008 models just last month. These are the green ones -- the "fire 6" or something like that.

I ski Alaska groomed slopes mostly, and these are awesome skis for me. I loved the 2006 model, and I really love this 2008 model. I'm not sure if there's even much of a difference structurally between the model years, but this new ski felt more responsive than I remember the blue ones feeling. Or maybe my summer "visualizations" were good for me. I had a great time playing around on short turns today. This was my first day skiing this year, and I had a blast, even though the snow was 100% manmade, packed, groomed stuff on our tiny local hill. The ski works great for me and I'm very happy I got it.

I, too, was in a transition the year I bought mine -- transitioning from my 2nd to 3rd winter of skiing . I suspect you ski head and shoulders above me, given your past experience, but I still think that the 6 is a great ski that may be what you're looking for at this time in your life!

Good luck -- and let us know how you like whichever ski you choose.
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I wouldn't necessarily feel like the RX-9 is over your head. The RX-6 does offer a softer, more forgiving construction, but it also has a deeper sidecut than the RX-9 (the 6 is closer to the 8 than the 9). Both aspects (sidecut, construction) have pluses and minuses depending on how you look at it. In reality, I think you will do fine on either ski and have a good time.
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Just my .02. I have both the RX-8 and RX-9 and have been on each about 100 days. Everything said pretty much holds true. The RX-8 at 13m radius simply wants to turn, the RX-9 at 17 is a bit more relaxed; however, you can amp it up as desired.

The RX-8 is my teaching ski as it lays down great short radius demo turns. You can also stretch those turns out pretty easily. I find that it's a forgiving ski, but highly accurate (I can put it where I want it).

I love my RX-9's too. If I feel like taking it a bit easier and cruising more it's the ski I reach for. The ski does not seem to have a speed limit, you can lengthen and tighten your turns at will, and it's rock solid on hardpack.

The skis work very similarly; but, with the longer radius I find the RX-9 to be a bit less work. Think of the 8 as a slalom, the 9 as more of a GS.

Story. The RX-9 was my first "real" ski. I skied about a year on an old pair of K-2's (I didn't ski till I was 53) and asked my "Guru" what I should do. He said RX-9's, I asked about the 8's. His comment was "too turny, you'll just get hurt. Get them later". It was good advise.

With your experience I think you'll be fine with either. I haven't been on the RX-6, but the info above seems to concur with what I've heard in that it's a slightly softer version of the 8.

They're both great skis.

All the Best,
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More good suggestions and good on the details.
I have ruled out the RX8 no offense intended to those who have suggested it. It sounds like a very good ski. Going with the RX6 or RX9. The body and number of times to ski say the RX6 is a good choice. The mind and the sole say RX9. One of the two will be on the slopes right after the new year. Being from the old school, 5-feet of base is good. Looks like Tahoe might just make it this year.
Lets have some fun for those who can remember back this far. Remember, no looking it up.
1st ski: Knessel??? Red with top Star Geze bindings (gone)
2ND set: Head do not remember which one (gone)
3RD set: Head 360 with same bindings (saving for the museum)
4th set: Olin mark 4 (Orange color) bump ski Marker bindings
5th set: Hexcel, Marker bindings (This is when it all came together)
Current: Olin 900 series. Good for me at the time, check, top of mogul, pivot and down the other side, looking for the next one. Felt good looked good. Not able to do as well now. Must get use to letting go of the old ways.
Which one will it be?
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RX-6. For sure. I like the forgiveness for you, and the ability to arc tighter turns as you learn to ride the edges. I bet you're not as far from it as you might think!
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