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Las Lenas Helmet Cam Vid

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PMGear athlete Eon Jarvis ripping up Las Lenas just 4 months post ACL surgery :

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Damn, wish I kept my pair of Bros if they can make you ski like that 4 month post ACL repair.

The shot with Tracy is neat.
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Very cool Vid and the "Gear" looks like it works pretty well.
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Oops...I think I posted in this in wrong forum.

Moving it over to General Skiing now.
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How did he damage his ACL?
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sweet movie ,wheres the last part of the video filmed?
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Originally Posted by tylerjames View Post
sweet movie ,wheres the last part of the video filmed?
Snowbird, North Baldy I believe.

slider -- not quite sure. possibly skiing, but I really don't know. I'll ask next time I speak to him.
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Way to go!
My congratulations for putting up that kind of performance just 4 months
after knee surgery. A good "show" of confidence in oneself.

A Bro model has been onto my "wish list" for a long time. But I never found
the "courage" to buy one, given the amount of time I spend on snow lately, and most importantly, the kind of snow that I ski on here...
Never say never though.
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Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.

-- Wendell Johnson
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Well, sure he skis like that. But what about when it's not hero snow?

That helmet gets pretty close to the ground in places...

Thanks for the stoke, Tyrone!
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