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k2 enemies

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Any info on these? Not pe's, just enemies. I want some for rock skis, and have come across a pair.
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My son had a pair, I skied them once. Sort of old school, not a lot of shape. Didn't ski bad, decent hold, easy to turn, ok in crud. Garts had a bunch they sold for $99. Go for it if they're cheap.
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I skied these a few years back. I really liked them. Go for it.
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Its a very good off-piste ski thats okay on groomers. I really can't comment on its ice performance, though, but I would suspect its marginal. The Enemy does ski a few centimeters long so take that into account when picking a length.
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Got them for 70 bucks, sollie 850 bindings, 163's. Nice shape.
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Great ski for that price. Pretty short though.
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I'm pretty short, as well. They're up to my nose, maybe a tad more. If the "ski long", that works out.
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I skied them today, I really like them. Only got about 1/2 hour with them, on groomers, until I had to switch back to race skis (was messing with the enemies over lunch break from racing practice). Compared to my 155 p50's, I think they are more fun in the park, skiing backwards, etc.
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