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Teflon sheet

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Anyone know where you might score a small piece of this locally? I need to repair an AFD that no one in town has, and I need to do it before the weekend.

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I've had those teflon pieces come off and it's pretty much impossible to find a glue that will stick them back on. In older models the AFD was available separately. Haven't had to deal with one in a while.
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Yeah the supplier I'm looking at now sells a 6x6 inch piece with one side etched which will supposedly work with typical epoxies. Cheap enough to try:


The binding is discontinued (though still indemnified) and I can't find anyone with one. Actually I could use two. I'll try this and report on how it works for me.
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Teflon has to etched before any epoxy will adhere. There is a special 2-part adhesive available for this purpose. I used to buy it for an industrial application. I can't recall the brand but, I bought it from Total Plastics, Inc. There is a good chance that you may be able to get it from McMaster-Carr or your local industrial plastic distributor.

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Excellent, thank you for that info Karl. I just checked Grainger's site but haven't checked McMaster Carr yet, and I'll be sure to call the local plastics houses in the morning.
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