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Excellent Ski Fitness Article

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It's so nice when they quote reliable sources! :
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I need to read it and do something different. Been jogging 30 miles a week since last March. Skied two days over the weekend, and my quads are stiff and as tight as piano wire. I haven't done any leg extensions, didn't think I needed to. Guess I do.
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I used to hate waiting in line

but now I really dont mind. Standing on one foot and 1 leg squats keep me occupied, and I think really helps your balance and small muscles of the foot. even little old ladies counting their pennies and arguing over the coupons at safeway are ok now. Just dont do it if you are worried that people might think you are nuts.
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good one - a little self-promotion but the content is there.
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Not exactly ground breaking...but good advice.

During workouts, try doing your usual standing exercises on one foot or with one or both feet on the Bosu balance trainer - either ball side up or down (both feet).

E.g.: Curls, shoulder presses, lateral raises, overhead tri xtensions, etc. Switch legs halfway through the set.

For more challenge / abs, lift the "up" knee up and keep up thigh parallelle to floor. For your butt and hip aductors, hold one leg out to the side. (Owwwwww -it burns!)
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Congratulations on the press coverage Lisamarie. I've been doing pretty much everything mentioned in the article and have added one day a week of mountain biking on top of that.

Then reality hits...I've got three days of skiing under my belt this year and eventhough I have a solid base, there is nothing like skiing to get you in shape for skiing!
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