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Cannon Mt. 12/4

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I’m sitting here doing all I can not to groan from how achy my body is. Why? I was ripping it up yesterday at Cannon Mountain.

Caught 2nd chair up and quickly hit the front five. I was surprised that there was no wind so the knee-deep powder was all on the trails. It was light and fluffy.

Took my first run below the zoomer lift and just let it fly. The powder that was flying up in my face at each turn was the only thing stifling my wooohoooos! 2nd run down zoomer. Then avalanche. Then just lap after lap. I lost my pole and had to stomp around looking for it for about 15 minutes but found it and was off again. Surprisingly it was not really that crowded until around 10:15. There was never a line. By 11:00 my it was getting skied off with lots of grass spots and rocks showing. Took a small hike about half way up profile and hit some freshies on skiers left.

The pow was done by noon for the most part but then again so were my legs.

Bummer the top of the mountain was not open. I bet mittersill has some good stashes right now.

Sorry, no pics. I was solo an to busy skiing.

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Good to get out and play, isn't it?
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My dad was there also. He reported about 20". He also only skied in the morning. Maybe you saw him...68 years old, skis like he's 30-something on 6-stars and the Rossi R2004 plugs he just had done at Richelson's.
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