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Ski Binding Lasso for tuning

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Any recommendations on a lasso for ski bindings set-up? Either something that you have done home made or purchased fairly reasonable?

I have a set of vices that are the Swix clamp style 2- they work just OK with the ski either down in the vice too far to do a good base scraping or brushing, or the edges up high enough to scrape and the ski comes out with the slightest amount of force.

As part of a wax deal I picked up a pair of the wide snow board style platforms, and they work for everything but scraping and roto-brushing. The skis move and I figured I could get into a strap down or binding lasso to hold them in place.

Here is similar to what I have for the board tuning:


If it matters 2 pair of the skis have the Rossi (Look style) bindings on them and 1 pair have Marker 1200 series bindings.
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PM me, I have something that should work for you.
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Here's one option:

Product ID: T4BSMS2020SCTools4Boards Lasso Clamp

Lasso clamp includes cleat and accessory cord. Holds any shape ski both base up and on its side by retracting the ski brake. Cord is looped around brake arms or binding and cinched to securely fasten any ski, holding it firm against all Tools4Boards or conventional vise supports. Snowboards and other ski/binding types are secure by the bindings.

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Here is the one I sell:

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I bought a bungie rope that has a hook on each end. The hooks have teeth in them and you can pull the bungie tight and lock it into the teeth.

To further the amount of tightening or pull down on the ski I do this through a eye bolt with a long bolt.

I tighten the bungie then tighten the bolt to get even more tension

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Originally Posted by Doctor D View Post
Here is the one I sell:

That looks cool Doc. I like the way it pulls centered with the ski.
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Apparently, RacerRick's T4B lasso/binding clamp concept is catching broader appeal. I've played around with other variations for multiple skis and for boards as well and see endless possibilities for other non-uniform and uniform shaped objects aside from snowsports. I personally don't see any advantages using clamping vises over lasso type clamps.
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I have the clamp style vises, also.
As you mentioned, they don't work with the wider skis.
I also found that certain sidewalls don't get gripped well.
I added the lasso clamps through Terry and have them mounted about 6 inches from the clamps so that I can loop the lasso through the brakes.
I haven't had a problem since adding the lassos.
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