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Vail sues Intrawest

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Vail Resorts has chosen to sue Intrawest in attempt to stop the agreement reached between the City of Denver and Intrawest for development and operation of Winter Park.

Here's a link to the Rocky Mountain News article:

http://www.rockymountainnews.com/drm...445503,00.html .

Interesting and potentially unfortunate for Winter Park.
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Funny- I don't remember Intrawest suing Vail when it took over Breck, Keystone and A-Basin! Nor did Vail hassle Intrawest when it purchased Copper (right in Vail's backyard).
Vail needs to have a reality check, and realize they aren't the only big dog in town! Let competition dictate the market. The consumer will be better served by that competition!

How does Vail figure damages from an area which really doesn't compete in the same market? WP has always catered more to the front range skier, and Vail has more or less ignored them. Only in the past 3-4 years, since WP and Copper came up with the buddy pass, and Vail followed suit, has VR even given half a damn about the front range skiers.

More power to Intrawest. At least they say up front what it is they are doing, rather than hiding behind falsehoods and half truths! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Well - this sucks that Vail is adding more litigation to an industry already awash in it (or I should say a *nation* awash in it).

And I hope they lose or give up . . . but that being said, I wouldn't be so sure of it. Reading over the case, it sounds like legally they do have a case. This doesn't mean its "right" - legal and right are often complete opposites after all!

Also, Vail is probably the wealthiest single ski industry company in the world -- and if they are doing this, you can be sure that teams of high-octane lawyers have been researching it for a long time, and that they really believe they can win. Because the press is not good, so they are likely not doing this for the press releases - but more likely because they actually think they can win the thing.

Well, lets hope not, but it seems quite possible. Bet it will be in court in one form or another for years!
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This is a kinda of interesting scenario. Without the actual contract in hand it would be specualtion to say who is right and wrong.

However, any contract between the two major domos of the ski industry restricting competition should be raising eyes of the State of Colorado, the U.S. Department of Justice, the F.T.C. and the Forest Service.

Vail Resorts has lobbied the City of Denver to delay their vote on the agreement with Intrawest (previously scheduled for today, September 30th). Wonder why they didn't sue the other party to the agreement-the City of Denver?
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I still wonder how this will affect the odd (to my thinking) arrangment where at Keystone, Vail own the resort, but Intrawest are the village developers!
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It's interesting reading your reactions to this situation. A couple of salient points:

Funny- I don't remember Intrawest suing Vail when it took over Breck, Keystone and A-Basin!
You're right, Intrawest didn't sue Vail Resorts. However, you might remember that when Vail tried to buy Keystone, Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin there was an ensuing anti-trust battle between the government and Vail. The result was that Arapahoe Basin was cut from the deal (sort of...another topic.)

How does Vail figure damages from an area which really doesn't compete in the same market?
Vail isn't fighting for the "Vail" market. They're fighting for Keystone's and Breckenridge's market. The latter is very much a Front Range market.

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Good points, PH! You are correct. I guess the competition is between the Summit Cty areas and WP, not with V/BC itself.
But still, Vail could stand to lighten up a little! They must be afraid that Intrawest can actually realize the potential of WP/MJ, and they now view it as competition!

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You'll probably think of me as being single-minded, but whatever happens I hope that ski instructors at WP (like my daughter) end up with a relative increase in pay unlike last year when hourly pay rates were unchanged from the year before & "extra" benefits were cut. So she ended up with a nett decrease in income last year.
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