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Here's sunset up at my hill. Heading back up tomorrow for the long weekend. Skiing was good last weekend, though only open to 2200 meters. Top (3000) opens Friday.

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Nice sunset.
Will you be up there during Christmas time?
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Yup. Did the Canale a couple times over the weekend. Not a whole lot of cover yet. Hope to be up a few days this weekend as well, then a nice long block at Christmas. I'm easy to find up there. Just ask for "l'Americano" in the tram line.
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Ehe. I think I "know" you.
A couple years ago or more, in fact I think it was April 2004, while riding the tram, on what I beleive it was Easter Monday, right behind me I heard a guy speaking English to someone else. I remember the skis, mid-fat K2...
I plan to be up there this saturday (dec 15th).
I usually have a dark blue boblbee backpack (with these Epic ski stickers on it : and and a melon-saver (black matte giro bad leutenant)
but general appearance is still the same as here
(post 281)
Same old (too long and skinny for today's standard) skis...
I'll ask for "l'Americano" around
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NO! I won't be there until Sunday this weekend! Annoying work engagements Friday night. You won't be around Sunday? And yes, I'll bet that was me on the K2's in 2004. Mod-X's with Marker bindings. Wonder who I was speaking English too, though. We'll meet up one of these days for sure. Stay away from the Camosci, there's almost no snow on the traverse. Canale is pretty good up top, real narrow in the Canalino. Ciao, Prickly.
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Thanks for the hints Prickly. Since it will be my first ski day after a long (enough for me) hiatus, I think I will stay well away from Camosci.
Probably I'll have difficulties as well for Saturday, thanks to the truck drivers' strike which has had the effect to make all cars owners to hurry and fill up the gas tanks for their cars with the results that many gas stations are out of gas and diesel...

I do not remember who you were talking to, and I apologise for "eaversdropping", but whenever I hear English being spoken I can't help but stop and listen to what is a magical sound to my Italian ears.
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Fri/Sat night did not sleep well (i.e. nearly at all) and woke up too groggy and too late, so I gave up the idea of skiing Sat.
Slep well sat/sun and woke up at the right since I had everything ready from previous day I decided it was a "go"
It has been a cold day, sunny and crisp, the kind of weather I beleive a german speaking would identify as "Kaiserwetter".
-15 at the top of the hill
-7 at the base (in the village)

The least I can say is that I was immensely satisfied.
Last time I skied was exactely two years ago in St. Moritz with Lisa and Markxs...That day made me realize that it was not yet time (for me) to put the skis on.
I've been waiting for two years for this moment, and I've spent the day with mixed feelings like happines, a sense of release, a sense of renewal
and discovery that all pieces are still in place (sort of), the two years (but if we consider that the last time I skied more than one day was in January 2005, we're nearing a three years fast) hiatus notwithstanding.
The Canalone was calling, and at last, I couldn't resist. Took the tram, headed up, skied a bit the Val di Lei runs (that was to convince me that I was not going to ski off-piste) but when time came to go back to the lower part of the area, I couldn't help but ski down the Canalone.
I bade my time to ski down it, still, at the bottom I had to take a one hour rest (it was lunch time anyway).

My skills, like my skis' edges, are rusty but still present, a little bit of polishing, some workout to bring the muscles back in shape and, who knows...
I may be back and enjoy the mountains and the snow.
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Nobody, welcome back... it's like a coming home, isn't it?
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Yes ssh, it is. it really is!
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Hey Mr Nobody, really sorry to have missed you at Made on Sunday. After all this "barking" about skiing and kids, I decided to stay at home with the little ones, each of whom has been sick over the last week or so. Did get up there yesterday for yet another bluebird day. I'll be up Fri/Sat/Sun and then from Xmas thru Jan 7 if you're around. Send me a text, I won't have Internet access. Auguri, Prickly.
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Ciao Prickly.
Sorry about that. I hope the kids are better now.
I won't be ablke to come north this week end but
I've received an invitation to stay in Made for the 29th and 30th, so I think we'll be able to meet then! I'll send you a text (or call) to confirm.
Auguri a tutti, Nobody.
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Ottimo, a presto. JC
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