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My unnamed leather mittens with ratty blue wool linings which I bought at MRG in 1969 when I lost the mittens I had brought with me.

I have recovered them in the lost and found twice last year after some time spent with too many Magic Hats. I have also recovered them from the trash can on a few occasions!
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I've got a navy blue (of course) down jacket by Alpine Designs, Alp Sport inc., Boulder, Colorado, USA. As I was a sophomore in college, we are talking 1967. It is in perfect shape, if a little faded and oxidized. They don't make em like that in China!! (sorry, had to say it)

I also have a pair of Atomic Bionic RS (Riesen Slalom), 195 Red Sleds with Marker Rotomat MR Racing bindings, Made in Austria,circa, what?, early mid '80s? Skied em several times last year with the guys. Like I never stored em away for 25 years! very fast and stable, when you skate or traverse the speed is surprising. hold on ice. heck yeah! better than anything I own. Still in awesome condition and tune. length could be a factor on that edgehold and speed.
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1. my grandmother's skis. she is now 101 years old and these are some straight wooden planks with leather "bindings". Easily from turn-of-the-century.

2. A hand-knit beret that my dad picked up when he was in the military serving time in Switzerland (where Uncle Sam paid him to learn to ski). That would be dated somewhere in the mid-40s/early '50s

3. A pair of "original" Bogner stretch pants. Once again, my dads, and probably dating from the late '50s/early '60s.

4. Me personally, I rock an old Rossi coque ski hate (the classic triangular pointed kind) that is easily 20+ years old. Every season at least 3 people ask to purchase it from me.
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How about a designated day on the mountain to ski traditional long skis? I guess it would have to be a kinda gray day.
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oldest item [s],[that I've used]

:Let's see,,
I've got a can of Fastski Base wax,,,,,Green stuff you'd paint on the bottom of wood skiis prior to "ebonite" bottoms,,, also a tray of segmented edges with screws,,, you'd have to replace edges almost every week. New skiis came when you ran out of wood.
A pair of True Temper fluted ski poles w/ white straps.,,,,,
A bunch of triple grouve wood skiis prior to edges..
Head Outbacks with Silvretta 101's,,I had a blast on before AT or Rando was even a subject of conversation here in the states.
A pair of Nishi's Demonstrator Borons I skiied once w/ Look Killys.
Nishi 212 Super G's w/ matching pink Looks... [now that's a real ride!!!].
And a pair of Olin Tridents w/ the rubber sidewall that I broke lengthwise from tip to tail.....
The Graves, Sailors, Mambos',,, all sadly gone to ski heaven.....
I may even have a pair of Geze "Sprong Thong" heel pieces w/ 6 footers still kicking around........:
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I have some skis from last year that I might venture on.
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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post
Those are Rosemounts, correct? My dad had a pair like this from '70s: http://www.alsap.org/ClearySummit/Bo...emontBoots.jpg
Right. That was my second or third pair of Rosemonts. I think I had to special-order them to avoid the "flashy" red and blue versions your dad had.
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SX91E boots that I still wear. Someday I'll enter the modern era.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
I have some skis from last year that I might venture on.

and be SEEN? By PEOPLE? :::
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
I have some skis from last year that I might venture on.
Say it ain't so, Phil!!
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I miss those old two-tone Scott boots from the late '70s/early '80s.

I always thought those were the coolest looking boots...
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Nordica NR981 boots from sometime in the 80s. Warm, fit me perfectly, and have every adjustment I can think of. Hoping to never have to get rid of them.
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I have some really old jokes I pull out from time to time on the chairlift...
We're talking like vaudville old.
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From the early 1970s I think.
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A Midas Muffler from the early 70s...
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Aris goretex ski gloves circa 1981(used a few days a year around home) and Helly Hansen polypro base layer circa 1988(still used skiing each season).
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
From the early 1970s I think.
Boy, those aren't safe..they are missing AFD's:

Crank needs an humorable mention here..he is still skiing, as his main boot a pair of yellow Tii's, they are mid 80's.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Are those Volants? Too bad the left one split apart. That happens to a lot of older boots.
The split one looks to be the right to me. . .

Of course, there is always that camera-reversal-effect thingie. . .

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I am still wearing a jacket that is about 13 years old. Keep telling myself every year I'm going to get a new one. It hasn't happened yet.
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Pair of Kombi ski gloves w/Gore-tex from 1991 which is when i started to ski. Best part is.....i still use them! I have other gloves but those babies have never let me down in the cold. Unlike my newer ones. Froze my fingers off last week at Tremblant wearing a pair of 1yr old Columbia's i picked up as a back-up utility pair - which they'll be from now on. Worked fine shovelling all the snow we now have up here in Quebec.

Also have my 1st pair of googles..circa 91 as well. Scratched beyond recognition though.
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I still have, and wear for ever ski day a pair of Descente lycra cycling long pants. Been 19 years using these and they still look brand new.

Been through the wash 1000's of times, always keep me warm and work amazingly well under ski pants.

I keep thinking of buying something new thats similar but don't see any reason yet.
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I have some climbing skins made from real brown spotted seal skins.
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Clubbed'em yourself, eh!
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I am with the old boot guys. 83 Lange high level boots, beautiful orange, new purchase then, moldable liners, cost about $250 then. My buddy then said buy best boots you can, like now. I did. Then moved to non ski south, had kids, etc etc. Now live in skiless ohio, but son is into skiing and Bro in law has acquired ski in ski out house at Breck on snowflake lift. Bring 'em out of the closet. Only had like maybe 35 ski days on them total. Last two years, 5-7 ski days a year, they fit like a glove, work perfectly, keep me warm no problem. Love em. Have DIN marker on them, apparently on way the binding guys would work on my skis. Atomic Metron 9 skis, with almost vintage great shape boots. Lovely blue and orange ski/boot combo!
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Originally Posted by buz View Post
. Now live in skiless ohio, !
Skiless ohio???? Join the Cleveland ski club! And get in to a mid week beer league race at Boston Mills. Then head to Holiday Valley for the weekend and look for a parking place among all the Ohio plates. My old seal skins have climbed that hill a few times.
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Oldest ski thing I still use? That would be my feet
Oldest ski thing I've got? Probably my Hart Freestyles. I would also like to add that I've never owned anything camo and doubt I ever will

Originally Posted by Rio View Post
The oldest ski item I wear occasionally is a cheap camo hunting sweater I bought in 1977 at Bi-Mart in retaliation to the hotdogger cliques popping up on Mt. Ashland. The hotdoggers where skiing on short skis that were worthless (Olin Mark IVs, Hart Freestyles...) and started bunching up in silly groups that wore a matching item to signify they were in that group....the same hat, the same bandanas, etc. My friends & I saw their skidding technique as an assault on true skiing and reacted by painting flames on the tips of some of our longest skis (mine were 212cm Lange VR 17s mounted with Look toes and Marker heels) and wearing matching camo sweaters. Sadly, our actions didn't work as intended....we didn't impress any girls who were more impressed by a guy that could do a daffy than someone that could drop 20 feet off a cornus.
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Oldest Gear

I still have my red Head Jean Claud Killy skis from 1968. Their are in mint condition. I remember how hard it was to turn then. I've been thinking about putting some bindings on and see how the run against my new K2 shape skis just for the fun of it, now that I can ski very well. Also have my grandfathers skis which are about 80 years old. That top s your 20 in both cases.
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My ski buddy has one too. Exactly like you said, great spring skiing shirt.
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I've got a late 1960's navy blue Moriarity Hat, just like the one Killy wore at Grenoble in the 1968 olympics.
I also have a pair of 203 cm Dynamic VR17 (Killy skied those too) that could still turn if I mount them up.
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