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Heat form question

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I just got a pair of Nordic speed machine 14 boots online. I called my local ski hill (reputable place) to set an appointment to get the liners heat fitted. They told me to wear the boots first and look for hot spots or problem areas. Then they would heat that area and bump it out. Cost would be $20-$150 depending on the amount of work.

I was under the impression that first you heat the entire liner and it is then formed to your foot.

What should I expect and does the price seem fair? I don't mind spending extra money for a great fit but I do want a great fit.
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Just for referance I charge $50 per half hour to work on boots not bought at my shop and $75 to heat form any boot not bought at my place, the price seems fair assuming they are a good shop. As far as heating the whole liner vs skiing then heating, I really don't think it matters that much, the liner will eventually mold to your foot without the heat. The heat speeds things up and can be used to spot fit if needed.
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ACtually shop advice seems right on to me. Most shops heat liners to fix hot spots. Complete waste of time. Hot spots are caused by improper fit in shell. Find hot spots, fix shell. Their prices seem reasonable to me.

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Thanks for the help. I never realized that the work would be to the shell not the liner, granted I havn't bought boots in 16 years either.
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