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Used ski/binding wanted

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Largely reposted from general ski discussion; sorry for the redundancy, but figure I might get a better response here.

My 16 year old daughter is still dating her first boyfriend of 2 1/2 years (gasp...) and he is coming skiing with us over the Xmas holidays. He skied with us last year, and was pretty game, considering that my daughter kicked his ass on the hill :

Anyhow, he was encumbered by ancient equipment last year, and I think it unlikely that his folks are going to do anything about it. I'd like to help my daughter to spring for some used but good skis, and seek advice in general, or better yet to be pointed to current solid ebay auctions.

He's a solid 5 ft 10 in, 175 lbs I'd guess, with high beginner/low intermediate skills. He'll be getting dragged onto moderately steep terrain, including nongroomed trails, in western Canada. Skis that won't encumber progress but that are reasonably forgiving would hit the mark. I have a bias against demo bindings, but only because I hate their esthetics. If they are equally fine from the performance viewpoint, then I have no problem with them.

Pricepoint is $200 maximum, and I'm happy to buy from either a Canadian or US seller.

Anyone out there have something collecting dust that would fit the bill?

Feel free to PM me

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Thanks to all who gave this some thought

Cantunamunch pointed me a a new set of Dynastar Legend 3800s on eBay, which I have bought.

I also had a number of used skis offered to me. I PM replied to all offers and heard nothing back. I hope my emails were not spam filtered out, as I know my filter sometimes does. I did appreciate the offers.

Thanks again.
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Philip - I'd be very interested in your impression of the 3800's after you see them in action. There seem to be many available at low cost on eBay, and I've gotten mixed signals on them. I read somewhere they were identical to the 4800 with a different topsheet, but was told by one seller they were a lower level (softer) ski. Even so, that makes them attractive for certain purposes (tele ski, or intermediate).
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3800 impressions

I'm not sure I'll get much impression at all, given the skill level or lack thereof of said daughter's boyfriend. Although I'm sure he'll struggle less than he did last year! Perhaps I'll adjust the bindings for my feet and take a few runs on them. Anyway, they won't be in use until Dec 29, at Silver Star, BC. Which, by the way, needs a little Karma from the Beasr. Not much snow yet.

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Good luck in the snow dept. Thanks.
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I've been teleing on the Legend 3800 in a 178 cm. 'Love this ski! Great torsional stiffness. It did my bidding and I pushed it pretty hard. I can't imagine anyone who is mostly skiing en piste not enjoying this ski.
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